V Rising Fish Oil How to Get & Uses

A guide on how to farm for Fish Oil in V Rising.

V Rising Fish Oil cover

Fish Oil is one of the materials necessary for crafting in V Rising. Though it may not be as useful in the early part of a player’s progression, farming Fish Oil early will help out significantly in getting boosted towards the late game.

In this guide, we will talk about how to find Fish Oil, what it is used for, and how to farm it efficiently.

How to get Fish Oil in V Rising

Fish Oil can be obtained in several ways. It can be dropped from crates and other breakables starting from Dunley Farmlands onwards, and they can also be found in containers like drawers or closets inside houses. Slain villagers from the Mosswick Village can also drop Fish Oil.

Cast your fishing rod at splashes on the water

Fish Oil can also be obtained from salvaging fishes. In order to do so, you must first unlock the Fishing Pole by defeating Rufus the Foreman (Lv.20) and then unlock the Devourer by defeating Lidia the Chaos Archer (Lv.26). Then, you can look for splashes in a body of water where you can cast your pole to fish.

Most caught fishes will yield Fish Oil when salvaged, though this method of obtaining them is not recommended as fishes are more useful for feeding prisoners in late game.

Salvage fishes at The Devourer to get Fish Oil. You can preview how much Fish Oil you can get by hovering at the fishes.

V Rising Fish Oil Uses

Fish Oil is mainly used for tanning Pristine Hide to create Pristine Leather over at a Tannery. To create Pristine Leather, you need to have the following materials:

  • x4 Fish Oil
  • x20 Pristine Hide

Pristine Leather is one of the main crafting ingredients to create the Dawnthorn Set which is the first late game gear.

Fish Oil is used for tanning Pristine Hide to get Pristine Leather

Best Location to Farm for V Rising Fish Oil

The best place to farm for Fish Oil is by the Brighthaven Docks at the western edge of the map. In here, there are lots of breakables that can drop Fish Oil at a higher rate. There are also fishes that can drop from these breakables, too. The area prior to the dock is patrolled by high level guards, so it’s best to be suitably geared and reach at least gear level 55-60. There are sparse guards by the time you reach the docks.

A single run through the docks while breaking most of its breakables can yield from around 90 to 100 Fish Oils, and by the time that you finish a run, all the breakables would have already respawned.

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