V Rising Traders and Merchants Guide

A guide on how to interact and buy items from the traders in V Rising.

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There are particular NPCs that players can trade with in V Rising that offer rare headgears and other valuable stuff, and these are the V Rising traders and merchants.

However, like the many inhabitants of the V Rising world, these V rising traders are also hostile to vampires and they only accept silver as payment, which makes it a bit more complicated than it needs to be when trying to transact with these NPCs.

In this guide, we will talk about Traders, what they sell, and how to make a transaction with them.

How to buy from Traders in V Rising

Before trying to buy something from these traders, there are a couple of things that you need to prepare.

How to buy from Traders in V Rising - Beatrice the Tailor
Beatrice the Tailor

Unlock the Human Form Ability

Traders will start attacking you if you approach them in your regular vampire form, so you need to transform into a human being. To unlock the Human Form ability, you will have to defeat Beatrice the Tailor who can be found at the Daybreak Village.

Beatrice does not attack, but rather she flees away from you which can get pretty annoying with all the chasing around and fighting against guards. Plus, if she runs too far away from the village, she will disappear and respawn in the village at full health. It is recommended to have a power level higher than her (+Lv.38) and use attacks that impair her movement.

Once you have the ability, you can switch into human form and approach the traders. But, they only accept silver and when vampires carry silver, they get Silver Sickness which does tick damage that disrupts any form transformations.

How to buy from Traders in V Rising - Unlock the Human Form Ability
Human form allows players to interact with traders

Get Silver Resistance

Silver Resistance allows vampires to carry silver to a certain amount before tick damage comes in. It can be obtained from certain cloaks such as the one that you unlock from defeating Beatrice, but it can also be obtained as a temporary buff from a Silver Resistance Brew (+15) or a Silver Resistance Potion (+50).

To make a Silver Resistance Brew, bring these materials to the Alchemy Station:

  • 20 Snow Flower
  • 1 Water-filled Canteen

To make a Silver Resistance Potion, bring these materials to the Alchemy Station:

  • 32 Ghost Shroom
  • 1 Water-filled Bottle

The brew and the potion will last for 1,200 seconds when used. For the potion’s recipe, it can be obtained by defeating Raziel the Shepherd (Lv.60). This resistance stacks up with both the resistance given by cloaks (+15), with the potion, and while being in bear form (+25). To be able to carry 300 silver coins, you’ll need to have a cloak on and a potion drank, while to be able to carry 550 silver coins, you need to have the cloak, brew, and potion buffs active.

How to buy from Traders in V Rising - Get Silver Resistance
Snow Flower

V Rising Traders Locations and Goods

Once you have the proper disguise and enough silver resistance, here are the locations where the traders can be found, along with the goods that they sell:

Gavyn the Shady Dealer - V Rising Traders Locations and Goods
Gavyn’s roaming location

Gavyn the Shady Dealer

Gavyn the Shady Dealer can be found roaming at the Farbane Woods near the Bandit Armory and the Bandit Copper MInes.

  • Pilgrim’s Hat – 200 coins
  • Necromancer’s Mitre – 200 coins
  • Blood Rose Brew – 25 coins
  • Brew of Ferocity – 25 coins
  • Minor Garlic Resistance Brew – 25 coins
  • Minor Explosive Box – 40 coins
  • Miner’s Mace – 16 coins
  • Lumberjack’s Axes – 15 coins
  • Blood Rose Seed – 15 coins
  • Fire Blossom Seed – 15 coins
  • Snow Flower Seed – 15 coins
  • Mourning Lily Seed – 15 coins
  • Hell’s Clarion Spores – 15 coins
  • Crude Amethyst – 8 coins
  • Crude Emerald – 8 coins
  • Crude Miststone – 8 coins
  • Crude Ruby – 8 coins
  • Crude Sapphire – 8 coins
  • Crude Topaz – 8 coins
Berk the Travelling Trader - V Rising Traders Locations and Goods
Berk’s roaming location

Berk the Travelling Trader

Berk the Travelling Trader can be found roaming at the east side of Dunley Farmlands near the Dawnbreak Village.

  • Deer Head – 300 coins
  • Wolf Head – 300 coins
  • Bear Head – 300 coins
  • Blood Rose Potion – 45 coins
  • Garlic Resistance Potion – 55 coins
  • Holy Resistance Potion – 60 coins
  • Sunflower Seed – 45 coins
  • Regular Amethyst – 24 coins
  • Regular Emerald – 24 coins
  • Regular Misstone – 24 coins
  • Regular Ruby – 24 coins
  • Regular Sapphire – 24 coins
  • Regular Topaz – 24 coins
Ottar the Merchant - V Rising Traders Locations and Goods
Ottar’s location

Ottar the Merchant

Ottar the Merchant can be found at Brighthaven Slums.

  • Ashfolk Helmet – 550 coins
  • Mitre – 550 coins
  • Ghost Shroom Spores – 200 coins
  • Highland Lotus Seeds – 200 coins
  • Major Explosive Box – 110 coins
  • Flawless Amethyst – 120 coins
  • Flawless Emerald – 120 coins
  • Flawless Miststone – 120 coins
  • Flawless Ruby – 120 coins
  • Flawless Sapphire – 120 coins
  • Flawless Topaz – 120 coins

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