Weird West Guide – Walkthrough, Tips, and Tricks

A complete master guide for everything in Weird West.

Weird West The Master Guide

Weird West is a top-down shooter which has some pretty interesting concept that changes the spaghetti western formula. Developed by WolfEye Studios, the game was released on March 31, 2022, and is a single-player experience using Unreal Engine 4.

Weird West is a dark fantasy reimagining of the typical Wild West formula where gunslingers, outlaws, and lawmen all live with fantastical creatures. There are Pigmen who abduct innocents to mutilate and butcher, cult fanatics who practice the dark arts, and sirens who cannibalize folk.

Weird West Guide: General Tips

Here are all the guides we have for Weird West:

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Weird West Guide: Frequently Asked Questions

Weird West Guide: Platforms and Editions

Weird West is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Here are all the standard and special editions:

  • Weird West Digital Standard Edition $39.99

So far there has been no confirmation of any physical or collector’s edition at the time of this writing.

Weird West Guide: Tips and Tricks

You can check out our Weird West Tips and Tricks For Beginners guide for more details.

Move Around A Lot in Fights

Standing still leaves you open to being hit more often. On higher difficulties in Weird West, you need to keep moving around. Hiding behind cover for too long isn’t as effective as enemies tend to charge and flank you often.

Bows Can Be Charged For Maximum Damage

Bows are a unique weapon in that they are both silent and can be charged. This makes bows incredibly useful for taking out enemies silently, especially with the bonus damage you deal to enemies unaware.

Purchase a Horse

Prioritize purchasing a horse every time you’re playing as a new character. Horses will get you around faster and will remain loyal to you throughout your journey. They also carry extra storage with them.

Number Beside Health Bar Means Defense

If you notice that there’s a number beside your and everyone’s health bar, that’s actually your defense stacked up together. This is usually applied to your vest which is your main source of protection. If you see an enemy with a high number beside their health bar, it means that they have really good armor protection.

Weird West Trailers

Weird West has had a couple of trailers showcasing its story, gameplay, and developer ideals. Check out the trailers for the game below.

Reveal Trailer

Gameplay Trailer with Developer Commentary

Journey Trailer