Where to get Metal Coat in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Metal Coat cover

Metal Coat is a special battle item that serves two purposes. It is an item that can boost Steel-type moves, and it’s also an item necessary in making certain Pokémon species evolve.

Learn where to get a Metal Coat with this guide.

Where to get Metal Coat

Metal Coat can be easily purchased from Delibird Presents, a specialty store that sells many items that are not usually available in Poké Marts. Out of all the branches, the Levincia branch of Delibird Presents is the only branch that sells Metal Coat.

The store can be found on the north side of Levincia. Each Metal Coat costs 3,000 Pokédollars or 3,000 League Points.

Metal Coat Uses

Metal Coat can be given to a Pokémon to hold to make their Steel-type moves stronger by 20%. This boost stays on until the item is taken away from the Pokémon.

The other use of Metal Coat is to make Pokémon like Scyther and Onix evolve into their respective later stages when they are given a Metal Coat to hold while being traded over to another player.

So far, in Scarlet and Violet, it can only be used on Scyther to make it evolve into a Scizor since there’s no confirmation yet if Onix will be added into the game in the future. (Datamined Home-transferrable Pokémon list does not show Onix nor Steelix.)

How to use Metal Coat

Go to your Bag, then check in the Other Items pocket where you will see the Metal Coat. Then, select the Give to Pokémon option and choose the Pokémon in your team who you want to hold the item.

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