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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Astalos cover

Astalos is a returning monster in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Sightings of Astalos has once again risen in Elgado, but now they’re seen in near Kamura which is highly unusual. This sudden migration was found out to be connected to the disturbances that has recently been bothering the people and other inhabitants of Elgado.

In this guide, we will talk about Astalos and share some tips on how to make the hunt for it more manageable.

Astalos Characteristics

Astalos is a flying wyvern that is known to shoot out bolts of electricity from its body. It generates this electricity by vibrating and rubbing its scales with each other and stores this energy within its body. Its scales, along with its transparent wings are similar to what you find on insects, though some parts of it are highly conductive.

Once disturbed, Astalos can unleash this stored energy and course it through its horn, its wings, or its tail as it attacks. It can also shoot enough electricity to form a blade from its horns, or moving columns of electricity from its mouth.

Being an electrically charged monster, an Astalos in a normal state is unaffected by Shock Traps and rather gets charged by it instead. However, once it enters its rage state and becomes fully charged, they will become susceptible to Shock Traps as they are not able to accommodate the extra charge that these traps put out.

Astalos Characteristics - Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Astalos Weaknesses

  • Weak Points – Crest, Neck
  • Elemental/Ailment Weakness – Ice, Blast
  • Elemental/Ailment Resistance – Thunder, Poison
  • Resistant Points – Abdomen

Astalos’ crest on its head and its neck are equally susceptible to cutting, blunt and shot damage, so hunters should focus on these parts as much as possible. Using any ice element weapon is effective against it, most especially when severing its tail.

It is resistant to most of the ailments and can recover from them quickly, so try to work with blast instead. Also, when it is in its rage state, parts of its body get electrically charged and shown as glowing. Hitting these parts with enough damage will discharge them and once all glowing parts are discharged, Astalos will be taken out of its rage state.

Astalos Moves

The Astalos has several moves and most of its attacks are charged attacks. Listed below are the most notable moves in its move set.

  • Wing Attack: Astalos uses its wings to strike its target. It also sends out an electric shock during Astalos’ rage state.
  • Headbutt: It pecks its head down and then raises it back up again as it moves forward.
  • Charged Earth: It hovers and stabs its tail on the ground. The area around the tail then explodes with electricity after a few seconds, causing damage and knockback.
  • Shock Blade: It shoots out a beam of electricity from its crest and slashes it down like a blade. It can also do multiple slashing actions with the blade.
  • Electric Pillar: It spits out an electric orb that turns into a moving electric pillar as it hits the ground. In its rage state, the pillar splits into two that move independently from each other. It can then follow up with a huge ball of electricity that grows big as it crawls forward.
  • Tail Slam: Astalos slams its tail sideways while sending out an electric charge.
  • Tail Stab: It stabs its tail forward, paralyzing anyone that gets it by the attack.
  • Tail Sweep: It hovers in the air and sweeps its tail from side to side, sending out an electric charge as the tail passes. This attack has a stronger variant where Astalos twirls in the air first before doing the sweep.
  • Electrified Charge: When enraged, Astalos can aggressively crawl towards its target while being supercharged.

How to Beat Astalos in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

  • Astalos is weakest to the ice element, most especially its tail. Its head and neck are its weakest parts, however this might prove to be a challenge to aim at since it has a small head and most of its attacks are front-facing.
  • When it gets enraged, focus on hitting its charged parts to take it out of its rage as soon as possible.
  • Only use a Shock Trap when it is enraged, otherwise use a Pitfall Trap instead.
  • Cutting its tail will prohibit Astalos from using its charged tail attacks, but the tail end can still deal contact damage.
  • If possible, lure a monster using a Stinkmink to fight and deal damage to Astalos.
How to Beat Astalos in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak
Astalos is a very aggressive and territorial monster

Astalos has two phases: normal and rage state:

Astalos Normal First Phase

Astalos will use most of it physical attacks while still in its normal state. As it gradually charges up, it will start using its electric attacks more often. During this time, it’s best to get it as many attacks to its head and neck as you can while it’s still easier to do.

Astalos Rage Second Phase

Astalos powers up once it becomes fully charged. Its crest, wing spikes, and tail will glow bright green and become electrically charged. Most of its attacks at this point will cause thunderblight, while its tail can cause paralysis.

The charged parts will become more susceptible to damage and will become discharged once it reaches its damage threshold. If enough parts are discharged, Astalos will revert to its normal state. A broken part can still be charged and will still take a higher amount of damage compared to its uncharged state.

Astalos Drops

Astalos drops these items:

  • Astalos Shard
  • Heavy Astalos Shell
  • Astalos Wingmembrane
  • Boltscale
  • Heavy Astalos Crest+
  • Astalos Scissortailblade
  • Astalos Mantle
  • Astalos Wingripper
  • Large Wyvern Tear

Astalos Armor

The Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Astalos Armor Set is a Rarity Level 9 Master Rank Armor Set.

The Astalos Set can be crafted with the following:

  • 80,000 zenny
  • Heavy Astalos Crest+ x1
  • Astalos Shard x11
  • Astalos Scissortailblade x1
  • Astalos Wingripper x4
  • Heavy Astalos Shell x8
  • Astalos Wingmembrane x7
  • Astalos Mantle x1
  • Boltscale x5
  • Purecrystal x1
  • Monster Essence x3
  • Eltalite Ore x2
  • Overgrown Stiffbone x2
  • Lightning Sac x3
  • Sapphiron Ore x2

Astalos Armor Set Skills

  • Astalos Helm
    • Chain Crit Lv1
    • Stun Resistance Lv2
  • Astalos Mail
    • Chain Crit Lv1
    • Stamina Surge Lv2
  • Astalos Braces
    • Chain Crit Lv1
    • Stamina Surge Lv1
    • Stun Resistance Lv1
  • Astalos Coil
    • Power Prolonger Lv3
    • Speed Sharpening Lv2
  • Astalos Greaves
    • Razor Sharp Lv3
    • SpareShot Lv3
    • Thunder Attack Lv3

Astalos Layered Armor

The Astalos Layered Armor Set can be crafted with the following:

  • 16,000 zenny
  • Outfix Voucher+ x10
  • Astalos Points 6 pts/piece or 30 pts

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