Banshee Phasmophobia Ghost Guide (2022)

The Banshee can be haunting any one of you. Be careful when treading in Phasmophobia.

The Banshee Phasmophobia ghost type is a special type of ghost that preys on a specific member of the investigation team. The difficulty is that you’ll never know which one of you is being haunted until it may already be too late. Learn more about the Banshee Phasmophobia ghost type in this article.

What is a Banshee in Phasmophobia?

The Banshee is a ghost type in Phasmophobia that has the unique property of choosing a player to haunt during the investigation. During Ghost Hunts, the ghost will ignore all other players and focus on the specific individual player they’re haunting. This causes some unique reactions to Smudge Sticks and other ghost hunting equipment.

Banshee Phasmophobia Strengths

  • Sanity Drain: Banshee will weaken their target’s Sanity before starting a Ghost Hunt
  • Singing: Players who collide with the Banshee while it’s singing as a Ghost Event loses 15% Sanity instead of the regular 10%
  • Isolation: Banshee will check their target’s Sanity rather than the overall team’s Sanity before starting a Ghost Hunt.

Banshee Phasmophobia Weaknesses

  • Loud Sounds: Players can hear the Banshee by using a Parabolic Microphone
  • Ignorance: Will ignore other players to prioritize its primary target

Unlike before when the Banshee was weak against Crucifixes, developers Kinetic Entertainment have removed the advantage players had for an increased range of effect following the update.

Banshee Phasmophobia Evidences

  • Fingerprints
  • Ghost Orb
  • DOTS Projector

The Banshee Phasmophobia ghost type can have some interesting mechanics that has confused so many players since they got added. You may be confused as to how the Banshee chooses its target.

On the beginning of the game, the Banshee chooses its primary targets by random even before you enter the Investigation Area. When it begins a Ghost Hunt, it will pursue the chosen target while ignoring other players. However, unlike the Deogen, the Banshee isn’t omniscient and can lose sight of their intended target once they break line-of-sight.

If the primary target isn’t within the investigation area, the Banshee will instead choose a secondary target to act as its temporary obsession. This may possibly be a bug from the game as the supposed outcome of the primary target’s absence was that a Banshee would function like a normal ghost, chasing opportune targets.

Once the player who is the primary target has been killed or left the game early, the Banshee will choose another player to be its primary target.

Banshee Phasmophobia

How to Identify a Banshee in Phasmophobia?

The fastest way to identify a Banshee in Phasmophobia is to check the overall player Sanity. If Sanity levels are above 50% but the ghost starts a hunt, there’s a high chance it’s a Banshee. The Banshee only goes after its primary target’s Sanity once they’re within the Investigation Area instead of the overall collective.

This doesn’t mean that you can take advantage of having the primary target stay in the van once you learn who it is. The Banshee will choose a secondary target’s Sanity to monitor. The Banshee will also drain their target’s Sanity faster. Because of this, keep an eye on Sanity meters to get an idea which person on your team is the Banshee’s focus. This will not be possible on Nightmare difficulty, as the Sanity Monitor is broken.

It will be more challenging to identify a Banshee early if you’re investigating alone. Without having to collect all the Evidence, it will take a Parabolic Microphone to identify the unique sounds a Banshee makes. The Banshee is also more prone to singing as a Ghost Event than anything else.

Banshee Phasmophobia History

The Banshee Phasmophobia ghost type was one of the first ghosts added to the game. It has since gone through a lot of changes. The Banshee originally had the unique ability to hunt at any Sanity percentage and had difference Evidence. Now the Banshee no longer has the Crucifix weakness and creates a unique paranormal sound that can only be heard via the Parabolic Microphone.

According to Irish folklore, Banshee’s are female spirits who herald the death of a family member. They’re infamous for their wailing and shrieking. Despite being considered female by folklore, Phasmophobia Banshee ghosts can be male due to how the game randomly generates ghost models.

Banshee Phasmophobia separator

That’s all on the Banshee Phasmophobia ghost type. We hope you learned a lot from this ghost. We have more Phasmophobia guides should you be interested.

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