Deogen Phasmophobia Ghost Guide

The Deogen is an "all seeing" ghost that can find you no matter where you hide.

The Deogen in Phasmophobia is a ghost that gives an added challenge to players, especially ones used to hiding from Ghost Hunts. Failing to identify the Deogen fast can lead to disastrous consequences. Here is how you ensure you know everything about the Deogen.

What is a Deogen in Phasmophobia?

The Deogen is a ghost type in Phasmophobia that can sense players wherever they are hiding. This means that players cannot hide from the Deogen as it will always find them.

Deogen Phasmophobia Ghost Strengths

  • Player Sense: The Deogen can sense the living constantly. This prevents players from utilizing hiding spots.
  • Quick Catchup: The Deogen is faster if it’s far away, but slower when it’s nearby.

Deogen Phasmophobia Sense Ability

The Deogen can sense players regardless of how far they are away. This makes hiding from a Deogen impossible. Deogen will target a player at the start of a hunt and will follow them where they are. Players who are hiding in lockers or behind doors will quickly be out of the game.

Deogen Phasmophobia Ghost Weaknesses

  • Slow Hunts: The Deogen is slow when it’s chasing a player making it easy to run in circles against it.
  • Lower Sanity Threshold: The Deogen starts Ghost Hunts at 40% Sanity instead of fifty.
  • Unique Spirit Box Interaction: The Deogen can make grunting noises when interacting with the Spirit Box. No other ghost types does this.

Deogen Phasmophobia Ghost Evidences

  • Spirit Box
  • DOTS Projector
  • Ghost Writing

The Deogen can be deadly to players early in the game who do not identify what they’re dealing with. Even with a low Sanity threshold for it to start a Ghost Hunt, players may believe themselves able to hide if they mistake the Deogen for something else.

Deogen Phasmophobia Strengths & Weaknesses

How to Identify a Deogen in Phasmophobia?

By using the Spirit Box, players will be able to quickly determine if they’re dealing with a Deogen or not. The Deogen has a unique interaction with the equipment in that it can respond in grunting instead of answering questions. If the Spirit Box gives you grunts, you know you’re dealing with a Deogen.

The Deogen is slow to make up for it’s ability to sense where players are at all times. This actually ties into its lore that says it’s difficult for it to physically manifest. The Deogen does have decent speed when it’s far away from players but slows down as it gets closer. It can even be slower than the player’s walking speed.

Deogen Phasmophobia Tips

The Deogen Phasmophobia ghost type is extremely weak in ghost hunts as players can easily circle around it. However like any other ghosts, players can find themselves trapped and unable to get away from it. Pack a Smudge Stick in anticipation if necessary.

First, players have to identify that they’re dealing with a Deogen. The Spirit Box is the fastest way to do this with its unique interaction with the equipment. However there is a risk as player’s can easily contract the Curse from the Moroi if they’re wrong. Once a Deogen has been properly identified, players should look for places to loop around it when it starts a hunt. However beware as the Deogen can receive short bursts of speed due to how its AI is programmed.

Deogen Phasmophobia History

The Deogen Phasmophobia ghost type made its debut as part of the update in June 13, 2022. The Deogen was added alongside two other ghosts.

Its name comes from Flemish folklore about a yellow-eyed frog that haunts the Sonian forest at night.

Deogen Phasmophobia Ghost Type

That’s all on the Deogen Phasmophobia ghost type. We hope you learned a lot from this ghost. We have more Phasmophobia guides should you be interested.

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