Moroi Phasmophobia Ghost Guide

The Moroi can drain your Sanity fast and then hunt you faster than a Revenant.

The Moroi Phasmophobia ghost type is a special type of ghost that preys on the mind of investigators. This ghost has been confusing many players as its behavioral patterns is unlike any other ghost. Learn more about the Moroi Phasmophobia ghost type with our article.

What is a Moroi in Phasmophobia?

The Moroi is a ghost type in Phasmophobia that preys on the Sanity of players. The lower the collective Sanity of the player group, the stronger it gets. However, they also weaken over longer periods.

Moroi Phasmophobia Ghost Strengths

  • Curse: Can place curses on players that drains Sanity over time. This Curse cannot be mitigated by the use of Candles or other light sources.
  • Low Sanity: The lower the Sanity of the player group, the faster the Moroi is.

Moroi Phasmophobia Curse Ability

The Moroi can place a Curse on players who use the Spirit Box. This Curse will affect players passively, draining more Sanity than normal. Even standing in light sources or Candles do not slow it down nor halt it. Players who have been Cursed should beware as the Moroi will become more powerful and faster when their Curse victim is at low Sanity.

Moroi Phasmophobia Ghost Weaknesses

  • Weakness Over Time: The Moroi weakens over time when it doesn’t place its Curse on players. Players who are cursed are advised to take a Sanity Pill to stop the curse or get outside the investigation area to halt it momentarily.
  • Longer Smudge Time: The effects of the Smudge Sticks affect the Moroi longer than other ghosts. It stops hunting the player for 12 seconds instead of the usual six.

Moroi Phasmophobia Ghost Evidences

  • Spirit Box
  • Ghost Writing
  • Freezing Temperatures

On Nightmare difficulty, a Moroi will always have the Ghost Box as one of its Evidences due to its innate ability. So players will either have to determine if Ghost Writing or Freezing Temperatures are the missing Evidences.

Note that the Moroi Phasmophobia ghost can also Curse multiple players at the same time. If more than one player gets a response from the Spirit Box, the Moroi will place a Curse on any that hears. To combat this, ensure that only one person is using the Spirit Box. Continue to monitor that individual’s Sanity to determine if it is dropping faster than usual if you’re unsure you’re dealing with a Moroi.

For the commands you can use for the Spirit Box read our All Phasmophobia Spirit Box Commands and Questions guide.

Moroi Phasmophobia Strengths and Weaknesses

How to identify a Moroi in Phasmophobia?

To identify a Moroi ghost in Phasmophobia, you have to know that the Moroi is faster than the average ghost when the players’ Sanity are low. However they seem to slow down when the player breaks line-of-sight. This means the Moroi can be slowed if it isn’t chasing a player.

At 45% collective Sanity, the Moroi can speed up to 1.4 meters per second. It becomes really dangerous at 0% Sanity when the speed increases to somewhere around 3.5 meters per second. When compared to a Revenant, the Moroi can be faster when the player Sanity is really low.

Moroi Phasmophobia Tips

If you think you are up against a Moroi Phasmophobia ghost, at the start of the game, ensure that you only have one player using the Spirit Box to gain Evidence. This is to mitigate having multiple players affected by the Moroi’s Curse ability. Another player should stay in the van and tightly monitor that player’s Sanity when they’re inside the investigation area.

If their Sanity is dropping faster than the other players despite being in light sources, you can add Moroi as a strong suspect. Have the player come back to the van and take a Sanity Pill to stop the Curse. Avoid the Spirit Box from that point on and gather the remaining Evidence.

If a Hunt does occur, find a place to hide as the Moroi is significantly slower when it doesn’t have line of sight.

Moroi Phasmophobia History

The Moroi Phasmophobia ghost type was added in the update in June 13, 2022. It was one of the three new ghosts introduced in the update.

Its name actually comes from Romanian folklore which used to indicate a type of vampire that practiced vampirism while they were still alive. In Romania modern day, the term “moroi” is now used to indicate ghosts in general.

Moroi Phasmophobia

That’s all on the Moroi Phasmophobia ghost type. We hope you learned a lot from this ghost. We have more Phasmophobia guides should you be interested.

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