Thaye Phasmophobia Ghost Guide

The Thaye Phasmophobia ghost is an oddity among its roster. Their behavior is unlike any other ghosts which confuses a lot of players. Learn more about the Thaye Phasmophobia ghost type and what exactly makes it stand out so much.

What is a Thaye in Phasmophobia?

A Thaye is a ghost type in Phasmophobia that is incredibly aggressive early in the game but becomes less active when collective Sanity drops. This is unlike any other ghosts which become more active when Sanity drops and less active when collective Sanity is on higher percentages.

Thaye Phasmophobia Ghost Strengths

  • High Sanity Threshold: Thaye can start Ghost Hunts early in the game. At 75% Sanity, it could already be looking to eliminate players.
  • High Sanity Disadvantage: Thaye benefit from player groups who have a high Sanity as it has been observed being faster than normal compared to hunting players with low collective Sanity.

Thaye Phasmophobia Ghost Weaknesses

  • Low Sanity Activities: Thaye become less aggressive and start ghost hunts less often at low Sanity levels. They are also slower when collective player Sanity is low.
  • High Activity Early: Thaye are easier to identify due to high activity early in the game.

Thaye Phasmophobia Ghost Evidences

  • Ghost Orb
  • Ghost Writing
  • DOTS Projector

Thaye are incredibly dangerous to early game players. Due to its high level of activity at the start of the game, this Phasmophobia ghost type becomes easy to identify. However due to how aggressive the Thaye is early in the game, expect aggressive Ghost Hunts early.

Thaye Phasmophobia Strengths and Weaknesses

How to Identify a Thaye in Phasmophobia?

The Thaye Phasmophobia ghost are incredibly active as they become aggressive when you first enter the investigation zone. This is your first clue that you’re dealing with a Thaye. As your Sanity lowers, Thaye do the opposite of every other ghosts: they become less active.

As Thaye are incredibly active, you should gather as much Evidence early in the game before your Sanity lowers. It will become difficult to get confirmation on DOTS Projectors and Ghost Writings later on.

Thaye Phasmophobia Tips

Thaye become weaker as your Sanity lowers making it an incentive to not maintain high levels once you’ve confirmed you’re dealing with a Thaye. Lowering your Sanity on purpose can be challenging as it goes against the usual methods.

Avoid using Candles and Sanity Pills for the duration of the game. The Thaye Phasmophobia ghost type are faster at higher Sanity levels, giving them speed comparable to a Revenant. As Sanity drains, Thaye become slower eventually lagging behind the player’s walking speed.

Thaye Phasmophobia History

The Thaye Phasmophobia ghost type was added in the update in June 13, 2022. It was one of the three new ghosts introduced in the update.

Its name actually comes from Myanmar folklore as disembodied spirits that can take multiple forms at the same time. They cause minor disturbances deep into the night.

Thaye Phasmophobia

That’s all on the Moroi Phasmophobia ghost type. We hope you learned a lot from this ghost. We have more Phasmophobia guides should you be interested.

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