God of War Ragnarok – Across the Realms Favor Walkthrough

It's a dish worth traveling the realms for

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God of War: Ragnarok’s Across the Realms Favor tells the story of Jari and Somr, A couple who traveled the realms and eventually found home, at least that’s how Mimir tells it. The player stumbles upon their camp in Midgard and in an effort of hopefully meeting them, Kratos and company took it upon themselves to gather the ingredients necessary for their next dish.

In this guide, we’ll show you where you need to go in order to complete the favor and receive a very useful reward at the end of the quest.

Across the Realms Ingredient locations

Nordic Gourd

You should have no problems locating the Nordic Gourd. The ingredient is located next to Jari and Somr’s camp on Midgard.

Elven Cap

To get to the region where the Elven Cap is, you’ll first need to have access to the Forbidden Sands region of Alfheim. To enter the region, you’ll need to enchant your chisel with the help of Freya. Once you’re in the area, head to the Southeast part of the map where the gravestone is and look for Jari and Somr’s mark. That’s where the Elven Cap will be.


To get the Prongfruit, you’ll have to travel to Svartalfheim. I suggest entering through the Nidavellir Beach’s Mystic Gateway. Once you’re back there, you’ll need to use the Draupnir Spear to create a bar to get you access to the train father and son used to get to the Forge area. But you don’t need to go to the Forge itself as the ingredient is close to where the train stops.

So, ride the train back to its stop. Look towards the cliffs to the East. The marker is located a little way out of the rocky surroundings.

Bantam Melon

The Bantam Melon is the last item on our shopping cart. It is located in the Sinkholes region of Vanaheim. To even have access to the place where the melon is, you’ll first have to open the damn and release the river into the valley. Next, you’ll need to ride a boat to where the gravestone is and then disembark at the nearest dock. Follow the river and you should see a water gate. Open it and you’ll there find the final ingredient.

Once you’ve collected all the ingredients, head back to Jari and Somr’s camp on Midgard. Finally, enjoy an exquisite bowl of soup while listening to the rest of Jari and Somr’s story.

In my opinion, the Meal of Comfort reward is better than an accessory for the reason that it permanently increases all stats by 5. That’s a whole lot better than another item to the pile.

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