High On Life Mods Please Ban Achievement Guide

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Mods Please Ban is one of the hardest achievement to obtain in High On Life. Not only is the requirements to complete the achievement a very long and grindy list, but there are also some objectives for the achievement that are easily missable and may require a playthrough.

In this guide, we will go through all the steps on how to complete the Mods Please Ban achievement, and share some tips to speed up the completion of the objectives.

How to get the Mods Please Ban achievement?

The Mods Please Ban achievement revolves around the Hunter Forums which is a list of optional objectives that can be taken on, presented in a forum-style interface. In here, there are multiple boards that house different threads for each of the achievement objectives.

You’ll be able to go through most of the objectives just by playing the game, but there are a few objectives that are missable due to the requirements that are only available during a specific part of a playthrough. These objectives are:

  • Obtain Dr. Gurgula’s hint in Douglas’ office
    • I have information about Dr. Gurgula. Important
  • Kill 10 Hunks
    • just saw a huge merkalod lol+++
  • Kill 90 Greebles

For the objectives that require a kill count, you can do a checkpoint reload once you’ve cleared the target enemies in the area. This way, you’ll still be able to fight the same enemies without moving away, but these counts still count towards the objective despite reloading the checkpoint. This is especially helpful for those enemies that do not respawn post-game.

Below are the objectives listed as how they are posted within the Hunter Forums:

Blim City Banter Objectives

Here are the objectives that are listed in the Blim City Banter board:

  • Anything new in Downtown Blim? – Discover 3 locations in Downtown

These three locations are your house, Mr. Keep’s pawn shop, and Blorto’s, all accessible once you arrive in Blim City.

  • The truth about the Blim City Slums – Discover 5 locations in the Slums

These five locations are the Slums Access Route, Shanty District, Laundromat District, Torg Territory, and Sludgewerks. Playing through the first bounty mission will allow you to go through these places easily.

  • I have information about Dr. Gurgula. Important – Discover 6 hints about Dr. Gurgula

There are six hints in total that can be found within the G3’s buildings:

  1. Blim City, make your way on top of the Krust Lord building and look for the graffiti that says “Don’t trust translator microbes!!” to find the hint.
  2. Inside Douglas’ office, enter the exit pipe from the boss fight arena and you’ll find the poster of Douglas hugging Dr. Gurgula right before you take the next pipe.
  3. Inside Dr. Giblets’ lab, once Dr. Giblets has been defeated, head back inside the lab where Lezduit was found and interact with the orange table on the right for the first hint.
  4. Inside Dr. Giblets’ lab, just past the table from the previous hint, go to the next room and interact with the console to get the next hint.
  5. Inside Skrendel Labs, head inside the security office where the console to open the weapons lab is found, and just beside the console is a screen that reveals another hint.
  6. Inside Nipulon’s office, after defeating Nipulon, look to the left side of his office to find a console with the hint.

Combat Tactics and Strategies Objectives

Here are the objectives that are listed in the Combat Tactics and Strategies board:

  • Hand-to-hand Combat Thread – Do 60 melee kills

All you need to do is to do killing blows using Knifey.

  • Official New Gun Chat thread (re-posting after last one got locked) – Do 240 gun kills

Just kill 240 enemies using any of your guns.

  • love to break armor+++ – Kill 240 enemies through their armor

Killing enemies while they still have their armor on counts towards this objective. Using Knifey is a quick way to complete this objective.

  • Merkaloids: Evil or Misunderstood? A Discussion – Kill 60 Merks

Merks are the enemies that usually start off with a yellow goo armor on and a gun. Kill 60 of them to complete this objective.

  • how to deal with melee enemies??? – Kill 60 Melee Merks

Melee Merks are same as Merks, but with claws on both hands instead of a gun.

  • My First Execution Kill!!!!! <3 – Do 30 executions

Executions get triggered once you perform a fatal melee kill on a low-health enemy. This can be done easily with Merks.

  • just saw a huge merkalod lol+++ – Kill 10 Hunks

Hunks are the huge enemies that carry a bazooka. You’ll find some spawning in Dr. Giblet’s kill chamber, but the place where you can grind for them is during Nipulon’s bounty while you’re on your way to Nipulon’s lounge.

  • Beware of Jasons – Kill 30 Jasons

Jasons are the enemies that can throw their heads to their allies and control them. Find the base body and kill them to count towards this objective. There are plenty of them inside the Hybrid Lab.

  • My First Sniper Kill!!! :O – Kill 30 Snipers

You can easily know when there are snipers in range when they aim at you and you see the sniper warning on screen. Locate and kill them to complete the objective.

  • crazy lucky kill – Do 120 interactable kills

Killing with the use of environmental hazards such as explosive barrels will count towards this objective.

Zephyr Paradise Chat Objectives

Here are the objectives that are listed in the Zephyr Paradise Chat board:

  • F*ck Mytes. Need theM gone immediately – Kill 240 Mytes

The Mytes are the crab-like enemies that spawn in swarms. You can kill plenty of them in the Upper Furgle Warren.

  • weird thing on zephyr paradise – Discover 8 locations in Zephyr Jungle

You’ll be able to go through the Zephyr Jungle during Krubis’ bounty. These locations are River Fork, Lower River Canyon, Furgle Warren, Moplet Village, Upper Falls, Back Canyon, Deep Jungle, Mushroom River.

  • The atrocities on Zephyr have to stop! [PLEASE READ] – Discover 6 locations in the Mines Area of Zephyr

These locations are Valley Bluff, Lower Valley, Mine Outskirts, G3 Mine, Mineshaft, and Administration Office.

  • secret G3 labs on zephyr paradise (real) – Discover 9 locations in Skrendel Labs

These locations are Security Checkpoint, Skrendel Pass, Loading Dock, Sector A – Hybridization, Specimen Holding, Laboratory Crossroads, Sector B – Cloning.

  • can you trust vendors on zephyr paradise?? – Buy 6 vendor items in Zephyr Paradise

There are three vendors within Zephyr Paradise who you can buy items from. One is in Deep Jungle, one in Upper Valley, and one in the Jungle Clearing. Purchase all the items they sell to get this achievement.

Port Terrene Hangout Objectives

Here are the objectives that are listed in the Port Terrene Hangout board:


Greebles are small enemies that shoot out projectiles and go underground. A lot of them can be found near the GMS Schlooper Wreck.

  • Exploring port terrene outskirts – Discover 3 locations in Old Town

The three locations are Old Town Gorge, Main Street, and Dreg Town Elevator.

  • dreg town sucks DEBATE THREAD – Discover 3 locations in the Outskirts

The three locations are Out-Outskirts, The GMS Schlooper Wreck, and Unidentified Wreckage.

  • Going cowboy mode (product review) – Discover 9 locations in the Dreg Town

The nine locations are Dreg Town Station, Dreg Town Plaza, Vacant Lot, Thomas Michael Phillips Sr. Memorial Court, G3 Recruitment Center, Maintenance Station A, Dreg Underbelly, Maintenance Station B, Dreg Town Cleft, Maintenance Station C

  • port terrene vendor secret – Buy 3 vendor items in Port Terrene

There are two vendors within Port Terrene who you can buy items from. One is in the Dreg Town Station, and one is at the Dreg Underbelly. Purchase all the items they sell to get this achievement.

Mods Please Ban Achievement Notes

  • You only need to do the minimum amounts per objective listed above. Some objectives count beyond the minimum that is required to count for the achievement.

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