Meringue Pie Recipe Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Meringue Pie cover

Meringue Pie is one of the dessert dishes that players can make in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This 4-Star dish can be quite challenging to make in real life, but it’s easy as pie in the game.

Meringue Pie Recipe

To make a Meringue Pie, prepare these ingredients:

  • Lemon – can be foraged from Peaceful Meadow and Forest of Valor
  • Wheat – can be farmed or purchased in the Peaceful Meadow
  • Eggs – can be purchased from the Chez Remy pantry for 220 coins
  • Butter – can be purchased from the Chez Remy pantry for 220 coins
  • Coal

Once you have gathered all the ingredients, follow these next steps:

  1. Head over to a cooking station and use it.
  2. Select the Lemon from the Fruits category.
  3. Select the Wheat from the Grains category.
  4. Select the Eggs and Butter from the Dairy category.
  5. Choose the Start Cooking button to complete the dish.

After cooking the dish for the first time, you can make it quickly by going to the Recipes menu in a cooking station, under the Desserts category.

Meringue Pie can be sold for 667 coins or it can be consumed to regain 2014 energy.

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