How to Get Moira Masked Dancer Skin in Overwatch 2

A gift for all overwatch 2 twitch viewers to celebrate the New Year


The Chinese New Year is upon us and Overwatch 2 is getting ready for the release of their new Lunar New Year Event. In order to hype the release of the event, the developers have announced that they are planning to release Moira’s Masked Dancer Skin for all players. This guide will teach players what this skin is and how to get it, so read on.

What is the Masked Dancer Skin in Overwatch 2?

The Masked Dancer is skin exclusive for Moira which resembles that of an exotic masked Chinese dancer. This skin is being given out to all players from the 12th to the 26th of January 2023 for tuning into partnered Twitch streams.

How to Get the Masked Dancer Skin in Overwatch 2

Claim Moira’s Masked Dancer Skin in Overwatch 2 via Twitch drop from January 12-26, 2023 for tuning into partnered Twitch streams. You’ll get the Lion’s Roar Victory Pose by watching a partnered streamer for 2 hours, and the skin is available once you continue watching for another 4 hours (a total of 6 hours).

How To Get The Masked Dancer Skin

For players who are still not able to earn these rewards on their Overwatch accounts, they must link their Twitch and accounts by visiting the Connections page:

  1. 1st step is to Log into their account
  2. Head to the list of Connect Accounts and search for Twitch. If it’s not linked yet, click on +Connect on the right side
  3. Click continue to begin
  4. Login to the Twitch Account and click authorize to link the account.

And that’s how to get the Masked Dancer Skin for Moira in Overwatch 2. We hope you found this article to be informative. Check out our other Overwatch 2 content for more.

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