Omnium Beacons Guide Tower of Fantasy

A guide on how to plant and steal Omnium Beacons in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy Omnium Beacon cover

Omnium Beacons are an equipment in Tower of Fantasy that players can deploy out in the land to gather Omnium from the surroundings and synthesize materials out of them. They also serve as a minigame, not just for the players using them, but also for other players who can go look for these beacons and claim them for their own.

In this guide, we will be talking about the Omnium Beacons, how they work, and how to make them become a good source of materials.

How Omnium Beacons work

Omnium Beacons have two sides of gameplay: one for the players who plant it, and one for the players who seek to claim them.

Planting Beacons

Omnium Beacons can be claimed from the Adventure > Omnium Beacon menu for 30 Vitality each, with no daily limit. The rarity of the beacon is randomized upon obtaining them, which can range from Blue, Purple, and Orange, with Orange having the greatest chances of acquiring rarer materials.

Once you acquire a beacon, you can then use the beacon from the menu or use it from your Backpack, and place them on a flat surface on the world. So far, based on our testing, as long as the location is relatively flat (or to some slight degree of inclination) and is not in a restricted area (limited to suppressor level), a beacon can be planted on that spot.

Once planted, the beacons will also emit a short beacon of light that is only visible when approached closely. The color of the light will also represent the rarity of the planted beacon.

Regardless of the rarity of the beacon, all of them will complete their extraction after 24 hours. Only after the 24 hours have passed can the materials from the beacons be collected from the the Omnium Beacon menu, which will then be sent to your mailbox. Rewards can range among weapon batteries, matrix data packs, and weapon augmentation materials.

Beacon lights only appear from a certain distance

Claiming other people’s Beacons

Once in a while, a signal will appear to be received in the Omnium Beacon menu. Using it will allow you to see the map with a marked general area of where the beacons of another player can be found, along with screenshots of their actual locations. You can then head to the area and use the screenshots to pinpoint where the beacons are.

You’ll then see their light which will give you an idea of the rarity of the beacon. Interact with it to claim the beacon for your own, and the rewards will be sent to your mailbox. Once a beacon has been interacted with, the signal for the other beacons will disappear from the menu.

Mail notification that a beacon has been stolen

Stolen Beacons

On the other hand, if one of your beacons get stolen by other players, you will receive a notification about it along with the player’s name. You will also receive some partial rewards from the stolen beacon, with the amount depending of how long the beacon was able to do its extraction before it was stolen.

Beacons that you plant will be marked on the map

Omnium Beacon Tips

Here are some tips that could help increase your chances of getting successful Omnium extractions.

  • Look for an inconspicuous location with some good cover, like bushes or crates. Try to find locations that are off the beaten path so that it lowers the chances of other wandering players to just stumble upon your beacon.
  • Even though the beacon locator can give away the location of your beacons, you can make it harder for the other players to find their exact spot by making sure that your hiding place does not have anything else nearby or in the background that are distinguishable. It is easier to triangulate a beacon’s location if you see islands or distinct landmarks in the background compared to just seeing the side of a rock as the beacon’s background.
  • Never plant a beacon near supply pods or other interactibles in the world.
  • Look around and make sure that you are not being followed when you plant your beacon.

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