Soul Hackers 2: How to Beat Herald Melchizedek

Soul Hackers 2 Soul Hackers 2 Herald Melchizedek boss guide

It is expected in Soul Hackers 2 that players will be facing multiple demon bosses and most of these demons are hard to defeat. But among the bosses players will first face in Soul Matrix is the Herald Melchizedek, the 1st boss found in Milady’s Soul Matrix.

As such, we have created a guide on how to beat Herald Melchizedek easily and getting ready for more blood-pumping action in Soul Hackers 2.

Who is Herald Melchizedek?

Soul Hackers 2 Herald Melchizedek boss guide

Herald Melchizedek is the 1st boss found in Milady’s Soul Matrix. This demon is at level 15 and is immune to Force abilities & resistant to physical attacks. When his health is at 50 percent, he will summon Angels by his side to constantly heal him and will be very annoying to deal with.

How to Defeat Herald Melchizedek Boss Fight in Soul Hackers 2

Now defeating Herald Melchizedek is no easy feat and you are probably thinking that it’s not that hard to get rid of him. But sadly, it isn’t. Like I said, this boss is very annoying to deal with especially when his health goes below 50%. To defeat this boss, players will need to do the following steps:

  • Players will need demons that can perform Sukukaja & Sukunda. These skills will increase the party’s evasion and accuracy and lower the enemies’ evasion and accuracy.
  • Another thing that players will need is demons that can perform Electricity moves and Gun skills. Herald Melchizedek may be strong against physical attacks and immune to force abilities but he is rather weak to elec and gun skills. Performing these types of moves and powering them up with Rakukaja, a move that power-ups a party offense, will be no cinch at all.
  • When Herald Melchizedek summons Angels as his reinforcement, make sure to use AOE-type moves like Mazio to quickly weaken them faster as Angels are highly vulnerable to Elec moves as well.
  • After defeating the Angels, quickly engage Herald Melchizedek and players can easily defeat him at no expense.
Soul Hackers 2 Herald Melchizedek boss guide reward

After defeating Herald Melchizedek, players will be able to clear the 1st level of Milady’s Soul Matrix, gain a new summoner skill, and get Herald Melchizedek fusion recipe as well.

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