Soul Hackers 2: How to Complete All Fusion Quest

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Soul Hackers 2 Fusion Quest Guide

In most Atlus games like Persona and Devil Summoner, there are a series of quests that will challenge the thinking capability of players but one that stands out the most is the Fusion Quests.

What Are Fusion Quests?

Fusion Quests are series of side missions where the owner of Cirque de Goumaden, a place where you fuse demons into more powerful demons, will request players to look for a certain demon and present or rather give it in order to reward you. This quest will be available in the game after completing Arrow’s first soul matrix quest. There are at least 4 Fusion Quests in Soul Hackers and every time it is completed, you will get big rewards doing so.

1st Fusion Quest Mission: Koppa Tengu

Soul Hackers 2 Fusion Quest 1

Quest Name: Mock the Invisible World
Unlock Requirement: After Fusing two Demons for the first time
Reward: 50,000 Yen & Compendium Summoning costs cut by 5%
Possible Fusion Solutions:

  • Onmoraki + Tsuchigumo
  • Gremlin + Mad Gasser

2nd Fusion Quest Mission: Turbo Granny

Soul Hackers 2 Fusion Quest 2

Quest Name: Accursed Creator
Unlock Requirement: Visited the Orphanage for the first time & unlock the access to Subway Line 14
Reward: 60,000 Yen & Compendium summoning costs cut by 5%
Possible Fusion Solutions:

  • Melon Frost + Mad Gasser
  • Take-Minakata + Makami
  • Take-Minakata + Mishaguji
  • Shiisaa + Jack-o’-Lantern

3rd Fusion Quest Mission: Apsaras

Soul Hackers 2 Fusion Quest 3

Quest Name: Deepest Mysteries of Creation
Unlock Requirement: When you reach the night of the New Moon
Reward: 90,000 Yen & Compendium summoning costs cut by 5%
Possible Fusion Solutions:

  • B-Hawaii Frost + Koppa Tengu
  • Zhen + Kurama Tengu
  • Lilim + Kurama Tengu
  • Muu Shuwuu + Kurama Tengu
  • Muu Shuwuu + Kodama

4th Fusion Quest Mission: Rakshasa

Soul Hackers 2 Fusion Quest 4

Quest Name: …Scientist
Unlock Requirement: Complete Ozaki Hope Tower & meet in Safehouse after Aion talk
Reward: 140,000 yen & Compendium summoning costs cut by 5%
Possible Fusion Solutions:

  • Hell Biker + Basilisk
  • Hell Biker + Dionysus
  • Hell Biker + Vasuki
  • Hell Biker + Vouivre
  • Hell Biker + Arahabaki
  • Unicorn + Power

Finishing all these fusion quests will not only rewards players with a huge amount of money but also, a discount for summoning previous summons that was used for summoning and such as well.

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