Soulstice Chapter 11: Invisible Strings The Weavers Boss Fight Guide

Soulstice Chapter 11 Invisible Strings cover

Invisible Strings is the eleventh chapter in Soulstice where the sisters finally escape the sewers and make their way back to the town. Their journey gets a detour when they suddenly see a young girl running by and they try to chase her as they thought she might be in danger.

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In this guide, we will talk about Chapter 11: Invisible Strings in Soulstice, showing any tips, tricks, or collectibles that can be found within the chapter.

Soulstice Chapter 11: Invisible Strings Walkthrough

Chapter 11 is mainly about the boss fight against The Weavers, though there are 2 encounters along the path leading to the boss fight.

Aqueduct District, Low Town

The chapter starts off with the sisters arriving in the Aqueduct District. The path is pretty much straightforward towards the boss fight, with a bunch of breakable obstacles along the way.

Upon reaching the bridge, a cutscene will play showing a little girl running away. As you try to chase her, you will arrive at your first encounter. Clear up this encounter and move along the path some more and you will see another cutscene showing the girl. Follow the path that she takes and it will end up in the second encounter.

Once the encounter is done, continue following her path until you arrive at the Great Cistern. Follow the path a bit more and you’ll see a cutscene that shows the boss’ reveal.

The Weavers Boss Fight

The Weavers are the next boss fight that Briar and Lute will have to face. It turns out that they were the ones controlling the little girl like a puppet in order to lure the sisters into their trap.

Each Weaver has its own health bar and being Wraiths, they can only take damage under the Evocation Field. Their special mechanic is revival where if one Weaver falls, it can be revived by the other surviving Weaver, so it’s best to make both Weavers’ HP low first, and then deal the final attacks in order to kill them both at the same time.

The Weavers’ attacks are:

  • Swipe: They swipe out their claws, and when close together, they can do it in tandem and do a 3-swipe combo.
  • Icicle Spikes: They can summon icicles that home in to your position.
  • Slam: They can swing their arms downwards and slam the ground.
  • Beam: They can charge up and shoot a beam.
  • Orb: They can throw an orb towards your direction.
  • Slow and Summon Adds: When this attack is about to happen, a cutscene will play showing the Weavers flying around. They will then attach threads on Briar, making her move slower than usual. Both of them will be shooting lasers from up high and Slashers will also be spawned during this time. Be on the lookout for a button prompt and mash as it appears to release Briar from the bonds.

Once both Weavers have been defeated, a short cutscene will play and the chapter ends.

Soulstice Chapter 11 Achievements

  • They tricked me: Unveil the Weavers’ deception

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