Soulstice Chapter 7: Lights and Shadows Guide

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Lights and Shadows is the seventh chapter in Soulstice following the sisters Briar and Lute barely surviving an sudden attack and finding themselves in the ruined Low Town, getting closer to the city center. They’ll have to make their way through the alleyways and rooftops while facing off more deadly enemies this time.

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In this guide, we will talk about Chapter 7: Lights and Shadows in Soulstice, showing any tips, tricks, or collectibles that can be found within the chapter.

Soulstice Chapter 7: Lights and Shadows Walkthrough

Chapter 7 continues from the previous fight with the Mongrels and the Alpha as the sisters proceed deeper into Low Town. There are 11 encounters in this chapter, 2 Challenges of the Void, and 1 Upgrade.

Gull’s Nest, Low Town

First off, climb on the ramp to the top of the roof, and before jumping over to the other burning house, drop down to the alley in the middle of these houses and head left reach your first encounter. There will also be a Crimson Tear Motherlode nearby. Use the outcroppings to get back up to the roof and head towards the burning house.

As you go out the house, a short cutscene will play showing another type of enemy called Shriekers for your second encounter. These flying enemies can swoop down from the sky to attack. Knocking them down with the hammer will make them fall to the ground temporarily, making them easier to attack.

After clearing the enemies, head down the flight of stairs to the main street. Then, head a bit forward and turn left at an alleyway where you’ll find Cobalt Veins and a Motherlode. Breaking the motherlode spawns the third encounter.

Head back down to the main street, then take the stairs to the right where there are Cobalt Veins. There’s also a purple orb that you can grab to get an Incense of Harmony.

Go back to the main street and head further down where you will see a Cobalt Motherlode. There is also a Emerald Tear Crystal up on the rooftop. After grabbing it, fall down below the gap again into an alleyway. Further away from the camera is a Cobalt Motherlode. Proceed to the opposite direction.

There will be a bunch of houses and small dead ends in this area where you’ll find Cobalt Veins. Once you’re done exploring, use the scaffolding on the side of the house to climb up to the roof top. Move through the rooftop a bit to get your fourth encounter.

Once the fight is over, jump down from the rooftop to the path on the right, but do not proceed further yet. There is a small alleyway to the left of the screen where you can see a Cobalt Motherlode, and a Malformed Husk Fragment on top of some stairs. Head back down to the main path to get the cutscene about the Ethereal Thorns.

These Ethereal Thorns can cause contact damage unless they are under the Evocation Field, after which they can be broken down. They will spawn after a few seconds, so try not to linger around near them. Make your way through the path and grab the Cobalt Veins along the way, then climb up the stairs to get to the next section.

Pebblestock Market, Low Town

Once you arrive at the market, there is a spot near the left side where there are Crimson Red Crystals. Make your way to the center of the market to get your fifth encounter. Afterwards, make your way to the bridge leading to the burning gate and jump down to the canals below.

Drainage Canals, Low Town

In the canals, head towards the left first to find some Crimson Tear Crystals and the Challenge of the Void: Exorcist VII. In this challenge, you have 2 minutes to kill the first 7 Possessed Slashers first before killing any of the other enemies. Killing a non-possessed enemy will result in a failure. Clearing it will reward you with a Feeble Ethereal Filament

Go to the right side of the canal and destroy the three crystal sprouts to gain access to the sewers.

Vagrant Gutters, Sewers

Head down the sewage corridor until you arrive at a larger room where a short cutscene will play. A new enemy called the Stinger will show up for your sixth encounter. Stingers will release their Wraith possessors once they are heavily injured, and they can only be truly killed if the Wraith is also killed. Otherwise, the Wraith will simply repossess the Stinger.

After clearing the enemies, explore the room to get some Crimson Tear Crystals and a Cobalt Vein. Head to the next room where you’ll find an Emerald Tear Crystal.

Move to the next room and jump the gap to the other side to find some Cobalt Veins and Motherlode. Then, jump back down the ditch you just jumped over and destroy the overgrowth. Move to the end of the corridor to get your seventh encounter. Continue forward to another room where a short cutscene will play.

Flooding Chamber, Sewers

In this chamber, there will be a couple of crystal sprouts that you need to destroy scattered across the walls. You will have to destroy two sprouts first, one is behind a field of Ethereal Thorns. This will destroy an overgrowth on an upper level where one of the other sprouts can be found, including some Crimson Tear Crystals and a Motherlode Mirage. Destroy the Motherlode to get your eighth encounter.

Continue higher up into the chamber to find the last sprout that will destroy the overgrowth and get access to the next section.

Riverside Exit, Sewers

In this exit, head to the back to destroy an overgrowth hiding some Crimson Tear Crystals. Then, proceed to the left where you will meet with Layton. He will then give you a new weapon called the Hallowed Hunter which is a composite bow. This weapon is effective at hitting the flying Shriekers. You can then proceed to upgrade it with new skills. Continue following the path back to the streets.

Gull’s Nest, Low Town

Follow the path back into the town and by the burning house to the left is a Crimson Motherlode. Just right before crossing the bridge, check on the right alley to see an Elixir of Clarity. Once you’re at the town square, you’ll arrive at your ninth encounter.

Exit to the right of the square and climb the stairs to the right of the alleyway to get to the Challenge of the Void: Claustrophobic VIII. Clearing it will reward you with a Feeble Ethereal Filament. Head back down and the path to the right has some Crimson Tear Crystals. Continue towards to the left to arrive at the next section.

Waterway, Low Town

After a cutscene, head down the stairs and move towards the path to the right to find some Cobalt Veins and a Motherlode. Head towards the right some more to find some Crimson Tear Crystals and a Mirage Motherlode that spawns your tenth encounter.

Head towards the path to the left and you’ll see a Cobalt Vein as you turn right. The eleventh encounter will then show up by the alleyway. After clearing the enemies, make your way towards the docks to end the chapter.

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