Soulstice Second Echo Memory Guide

Soulstice Echo Memory 2 cover

Soulstice Echo Memories are sub chapters that give some backstory for both Briar and Lute. The second memory picks up from the previous memory wherein Lute finds herself in Briar’s subconscious once again and she gets to see some of the events that transpired from the day their village was attacked from Briar’s perspective.

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Soulstice Second Echo Memory Walkthrough

The chapter picks up from the fight against the Hulking Monstrosity, where Briar tried to stand against their beam attack, but then later gets saved by Donovan by pushing her out of the way and into the water.

Similar to before, you will be able to control Lute as she locates the echo memories inside Briar’s subconsciousness. You can use the pulsing cone underneath Lute to locate where the echoes are. Once you find one, use her Evocation Field and interact with the echo to reconstruct it and watch the cutscene.

There are three echoes to find in this chapter. Afterwards, another cutscene will play with Briar going wild.

Briar’s soul

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