Trek to Yomi Achievements – Trophy Guide and How to Get Platinum

A guide for acquiring all the trophies in Trek to Yomi and earning Platinum.

Trek to Yomi achievements

In this Trek to Yomi achievements and trophy guide, we’ll show you how to get every trophy and achieve platinum. Buckle down and sharpen your blade because some of these Trek to Yomi trophies are very hard to get.

How to Get Platinum in Trek to Yomi?

You have to get every other trophy in the game in order to achieve platinum for Trek to Yomi. This is standard practice for every other game. The platinum trophy is the final milestone that shows you have completed everything in the game. It’s quite the bragging rights reward.

None of the Trek to Yomi trophies are missable so you don’t have to worry about permanently missing out on achieving platinum. Earning every trophy in Trek to Yomi will require multiple playthroughs as some ask you to complete the game in different endings. We’ve created this Trek to Yomi trophy guide to help you earn every problematic trophy in the game.

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Trek to Yomi Achievements: Trophy Guide

This Trek to Yomi achievements guide will show you how to get all 29 trophies in the game. You’ll have to put some time in to earning all of them as some require a particular way of fighting the game’s bosses. There are Trek to Yomi trophies that are unavoidable as you earn them by simply progressing through the main story. While you do not need any online connection to achieve these trophies, there are 11 hidden Trek to Yomi trophies in the game.

The Trek to Yomi trophies can be divided into:

  • 9 bronze trophies
  • 14 silver trophies
  • 5 gold trophies
  • 1 platinum

Here is a list of all the Trek to Yomi trophies and how to get them:

Platinum Trophy

A Trek to Remember

Collect all other trophies

Gold Trophy

Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

Complete the game in Ronin mode

The Trek to Yomi gold trophy is pretty straightforward. In order to get the “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” achievement you’ll have to finish the game in Ronin mode difficulty which is essentially Trek to Yomi’s hard mode.

Silver Trophies


Execute 50 successful counters


Complete the game on Kensei mode

Big Bertha

Kill 3 enemy at once with ozutsu


Perform 50 finishers

Leave no stone unturned

Find all lore collectibles

Dedicated Collector

Collect all Upgrades

Samurai Dies Twice

Complete the game

Collecting silver trophies can take some time as they do require you to look for collectibles. Some of them are pretty straightforward like only finishing the game once, but others can require a feat of 50 finishers and completing the game on harder difficulties. Successfully countering in Trek to Yomi can require some practice as well so you are going to spend a lot of time earning all the Silver trophies.

We have a Trek to Yomi health upgrade locations and Trek to Yomi stamina upgrade locations guides if you’re in need of help getting the the “Dedicated Collector” achievement.

Bronze Trophies

End of kindergarten

Finish Chapter 1


Kill 1st enemy

This will come in handy

Collect first Upgrade

Trek's end?

Finish Chapter 6

Afterlife traveler

Finish Chapter 5

Fleeting destiny

Finish Chapter 4

Dust and ashes

Finish Chapter 3

After the storm

Finish Chapter 2

Malicious mischief

Kill 10 enemies without using any weapon

Almost every Trek to Yomi bronze trophy are pretty much unavoidable. Unless you go out your way to not get any upgrades or kill 10 enemies without using weapons, you can pretty much get all of them. Most bronze trophies can be earned by simply progressing through the story.

Down below are the Trek to Yomi hidden trophies. Beware of spoilers.

Hidden Gold Trophies

Demon's dread

Kill Kagerou Demon without getting hit

Clash in a mirror

Kill Hiroki Demon without getting hit

That woman is a demon!

Kill Aiko Demon without getting hit

Early End

For killing the boss in chapter 3

The Trek to Yomi hidden gold trophies truly require some skill. Achievements like the “Demon’s dread” and “Clash in a mirror” require that you specifically take no hits during these boss fights which can be challenging. If you’re having trouble getting the trophies, then tackle these bosses in the Kabuki difficulty which makes getting these Trek to Yomi achievements easier.

Hidden Silver Trophies


Complete a whole chapter without dying and using a shrine

Forgive me, sensei

Kill Sanjuro Demon without getting hit

No, that's not possible...

Kill Kagerou Shogun without getting hit

I'll put this spear into...

Kill Sadatame without getting hit

Follow your mind

Complete the game with the path of duty

Follow your blade

Complete the game with the path of fury

Follow your heart

Complete the game with the path of love

The Trek to Yomi hidden silver trophies can be challenging. It requires fighting bosses in the game without taking a single hit. One achievement even tasks you to complete an entire chapter without dying or saving once. You can always tackle the game in Kabuki difficulty to get these trophies if you’re having a hard time.

The “Follow your mind,” “Follow your blade,” and “Follow your heart” achievements require you to make a certain choice near the ending of the game. You can use chapter select after finishing one ending to make a different choice.

Trek to Yomi Achievements: Trophy Guide

That’s our Trek to Yomi Achievements: Trophy Guide and How to Get Platinum. We hope this guide helps you in getting every achievement in Trek to Yomi. If this guide really helped you out, we have other content you may be interested in.

Trek to Yomi is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X, and can be played on Xbox Game Pass.

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