Trek To Yomi Collectible Artifact Locations (Chapter 1)

A complete guide to all Chapter 1 Artifact locations in Trek to Yomi

All Chapter 1 Artifact locations in Trek to Yomi

In Trek to Yomi Collectible Artifacts may be found throughout the game. A variety of these Artifacts give a deeper understanding of the Japanese culture and the environment of the game. Each of the game’s chapters contains about a dozen or fewer collectibles, so you’ll want to keep an eye out for them as you go through each chapter and kill enemies.

In this Guide, we’ll walk you through where you can find all seven Artifacts in Trek to Yomi Chapter 1. Also check out our full Trek To Yomi Chapter 1 Missions Walkthrough.

What are the Artifacts that can be collected in Chapter 1?

There are 7 Chapter 1 Artifacts in Trek to Yomi that you can collect by sequence:

  • Tamaya Mirror
  • Izanagi Print
  • Kai-Awase Shell
  • Sakura Bloom
  • Field Mouse Sculpture
  • Kakute
  • Izanami Print

Tamaya Mirror

Tamaya Mirror - Chapter 1 Artifact location in Trek to Yomi

The first artifact, the Tamaya Mirror is located near the beginning of the chapter. Once you’ve finished the tutorial fight, proceed to the garden in the back of the building. You can fin the Tamaya Mirror on the  ground beside a supporting pole. A white bubble will show up on top once you go near it (Same applies to all other artifacts).

Izanagi Print

A set of stairs will be available to you after the game shows you how to push obstacles such as carts. You’ll find the second artifact, the Izanagi Print, on a table to your left after you enter the building at the end of the staircase.

Kai-Awase Shell

Kai-Awase Shell - Chapter 1 Artifact location in Trek to Yomi

You can find the Kai-Awase Shell artifact when you reach the first shrine. After you exit through the left behind the quartermaster. Instead of going forward, look to the left to find an interactable NPC. Approach the man with a round hat and ask speak to him. Once the dialogue is over, you’ll receive the artifact.

Sakura Bloom

Just past the shrine, you’ll find the Sakura Bloom artifact. Screams can be heard in the distance shortly as you approach a fork in the path. Take the path to your left and you’ll find yourself in a barn. The relic may be found on a table in the middle of the room.

Field Mouse Sculpture

Following the battle, your blade is sheathed on the next screen. Once you start going down the slope, you’ll notice a short trail hidden behind the slope, marked by a wooden fence. Take the path behind the fence to find the Field Mouse Sculpture collectible artifact on the table.


Prior to pushing the cart, you can find the Kakute artifact in the outside village building with a straw roof. Several enemies await you on this path before you reach the second village. When you arrive in the village, go into the house directly behind the NPC sitting on the ground and sobbing. The Kakute collectible artifact is positioned on the ground, with corpses lining the center.

Izanami Print

The final artifact, the Izanami Print, is located towards the very end of the level. After leaving the second village, continue along the linear path until you come to a fork in the road. Take the right path opposite to the small bridge, which will lead you to a shrine. The Izanami Print is attached to a tombstone at the end of the screen.

That concludes your search for Chapter 1 Artifacts in Trek to Yomi. If you like this guide, check out our other Trek to Yomi articles here.

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