Trek To Yomi Collectible Artifact Locations (Chapter 7)

Trek To Yomi Collectible Artifact Locations Chapter 7

In Trek to Yomi, there are a variety of Artifacts that may be found throughout the game. These Artifacts give a deeper understanding of the Japanese culture and the environment of the game. Each of the game’s chapters contains about a dozen or fewer collectibles, so you’ll want to keep an eye out for them as you go through each chapter and kill enemies.

In this Guide, we’ll walk you through where you can find all the Artifacts in Trek to Yomi Chapter 7.

What are the Artifacts that can be collected in Chapter 7?

There are 9 Chapter 7 Artifacts in Trek to Yomi that you can collect by sequence:

  • Matching Kai-Awase Shell
  • Hiogi Remnant
  • Kiseru Remnant
  • Death Warrant
  • Omoikane Mask
  • Tsurugi
  • Kanke Koshu
  • Kagami
  • Sake Cup

Matching Kai-Awase Shell

Matching Kai-Awase Shell - Chapter 7 Artifact location in Trek to Yomi

You’ll be returning to the village from Yomi at the beginning of the chapter. Simply make your way to your right, and on the following screen, you’ll find the artifact by the main path on top of the boxes.

Hiogi Remnant

Proceed along the path and up the staircase into the house where you obtained the Izanagi Print in chapter 1. You’ll find the artifact  on the counter to the right.

Kiseru Remnant

As soon as you go to the outside and defeating a group of enemies, you’ll discover two wounded villagers lying next to a wagon and other wreckage at the top of the screen. The artifact is sitting atop a crate by the staircase.

Death Warrant

You can find a little back alley area if you ignore the shrine and walk to the right after you’ve dropped through the building and returned to ground surface. You’ll find the artifact perched on a barrel facing the screen.

Omoikane Mask

After you’ve defeated the general in front of the burning wreck, proceed to the left and enter the house. Look on the shelf in the first room to your left for the artifact.


Somewhat later in the chapter, you’ll come across a section of the village where a big explosion has blocked your way. Continue through the house, squeeze through the crates, and jump over the obstacle in the next house to find the artifact on a table.

Kanke Koshu

Directly after collecting the Tsurugi artifact, head up to the next floor and look to the left of the door, you’ll find the artifact perched on a barrel.


You’ll arrive at a river stream after running through the burning houses as it explodes. Instead of ascending the wooden platform, follow the path along the river to the bridge on your left and go underneath it. By the rocks on your right, you’ll find the artifact.

Sake Cup

The artifact can be collected before before the final boss battle. Immediately after saving the game in the final shrine, do not ascend the stairs to the dojo. Instead, take the path to your left first. On the next screen, you’ll find the artifact perched on top of boxes at the bottom left.

That concludes your search for Chapter 7 Artifacts in Trek to Yomi. If you like this guide, check out our other Trek to Yomi articles here.

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