All V Rising Console Commands and Cheats

V Rising Console Commands and Cheat Codes

V Rising Console Commands and Cheats provide you the ability to manage several facets of the game if you host your own server. These features also assist you in reshaping the world into a vampire empire.

Not only can you change your default server to include cheat settings, but you can also activate console commands, which allow you to utilize cheats with far less frequency. Here’s a rundown of the possibilities and restrictions imposed by V Rising’s console commands, as well as a comprehensive list of console commands that players are free to make use of.

How to Enable V Rising Console Commands and Cheats

The process of enabling V Rising console commands is really simple and just necessitates a few critical options to be set, Simply follow these steps:

How to Enable V Rising Console Commands and Cheats
  1. Open V Rising and Head to Options from the Main Menu.
  2. Navigate to the General Tab and click the box next to Console Enabled.
  3. Next, Load back to your game and press the ` key below ESC on your keyboard.
  4. This will bring up the Console Menu, you can close it by pressing the ` key again.
  5. to check if admin privileges are activated in-game (private), Open up Console Menu and type adminauth then hit Enter to gain admin access.

As of this point, you’ll now be able to begin using console commands. Simply typing “List” will bring up the list of commands, and every time you exit and re-enter the game, it suggests that you must re-enter “adminauth” again.

How to Enable V Rising Console Commands and Admin Authority on GPortal

To access the console commands on a server rented from GPortal, simply follow these steps:

  1. On GPortal, access My Servers and select your V Rising server.
  2. Next, go to basic settings located from the side menu.
  3. Then scroll down till you reach the User Management category.
  4. Type your STEAM-64 ID in the Adminlist box to gain admin access to your account.
  5. Ensure that the server is online by clicking the switch beside your Server name.

After you have pasted your Steam-64 ID into the box, click the Save button in the upper right corner of the screen to save changes. If you wish to grant admin privileges to other players, you’ll need to add their Steam 64-IDs as well.

For anyone asking how to obtain their Steam-64 ID, all they have to do is go to their profile in Steam, right-click, and select Copy Page URL.

After that, go to Steam ID Finder, paste the URL you just copied into the Basic search bar, and then press the Find Steam ID button.

How to Use V Rising Console Commands and Cheats

Use of the Console Commands is fairly easy. To begin, open the list of all console command codes, here’s how you do it:

  1. press the ` key below ESC on your keyboard, this will open up console command.
  2. Type List and then press Tab to finish auto-filling the field. By pressing Enter, you’ll bring up a list of all available console commands.
How to Use V Rising Console Commands and Cheats

Here’s how to enter a command that asks for input from two variables:

  1. press the ` key below ESC on your keyboard, this will open up console command.
  2. type give, then hit Space. There should now be a list of possible functions displayed.
  3. Use the arrow keys to scroll through the list or type in the item’s name.
  4. Press Tab when you’ve found the item you’re looking for to complete the auto-fill.
  5. Finally, type the number of items you want and press Enter to finish the command.

Keep in mind that all of the console commands mentioned below can be executed using the same set of procedures outlined in the preceding section.

All V Rising Console Commands and Cheats (Full List)

Below are V Rising’s cheat codes, and console commands  list that covers commands for free stuff, resources, teleportation, clan member acceptance & more.

Weapons, Gear and Resources Commands

Here’s all the Weapons, Gear and Resources Commands in V Rising:

Console Command


Give (what, amount)

gives player item(s)

Giveset (what)

gives player an item set


changes the durability of equipped items

Type give or giveset  press Space > use the arrow keys to choose/type in the name > press right arrow > press Space > type the number of items you want & press Enter.

Exploration/Teleportation Commands

Here’s all the Exploration/Teleportation Commands in V Rising:

Console Command



add up to 12 in-game hours to the clock, changing the time of day and respawn timers. Servers cannot go back in time, only forward.


modifies the health of the target unit/object closest to the admin's cursor, allowing admins to deal damage or heal targets.


teleports allies to mouse cursor position.


teleports all allies but you to mouse cursor position.


teleports all players who are not allies to mouse cursor position.


teleports all players to mouse cursor position.


teleports all players but you to mouse cursor position.


kills your character.


teleports you to mouse cursor position.

TeleportPlayerToMe (User)

teleports another player to your location.

TeleportPlayerToMousePosition (User)

teleports another player to mouse cursor position.

TeleportToChunk (Unnamed Argument)

teleports you to a chunk coordinate.


teleports you to Nether.

TeleportToPlayer (User)

teleports you to another player's location.

TeleportToChunkWaypoint (Unnamed


teleports you to a specific waypoint.

You can use TeleportToChunkWaypoint to get to various vampire waypoints based on the numbers you specify, which makes it convenient. You can see where each set of numbers takes you here:

Console Command


12, 15

Dunley Farmlands Waygate East

13, 13

Dunley Farmlands Waygate South-East

9, 13

Dunley Farmlands Waygate South-West

14, 11

Farbane Woods Waygate North-East

14, 8

Farbane Woods Waygate South-East

8, 8

Farbane Woods Waygate South-West

9, 10

Farbane Woods Waygate West

13, 19

Cursed Forest Waygate

15, 13

Hallowed Mountains Waygate

6, 16

Silverlight Hills Waygate

Admin/Player Commands

Here’s all the Admin/Player Commands in V Rising:

Console Command



give admin status


remove admin status

Alias (Alias, Command)

create alias

Bancharacter (Character Name)

ban a player with that character name from the server


lists all players who have been banned

Banuser (Steam ID)

ban a player with that Steam ID from the server

Bind (Key Combination, Command)

create new key binding


accept clan invitation


decline clan invitation

Claninvite (Unnamed Argument)

invite player to your clan


leave clan


clear text from the console


clear temporary key bindings

Connect (address or steamid, port, password)

connect to server


disconnect from server

Hidecursor (Unnamed Argument)

hide or reveal the mouse cursor

Kick (Character Name)

kick a player from the server (they can still enter it again)

List (Optional: Category)

list all console commands

Listusers (Include Disconnected)

lists all players on the server

Localization (Language)

set language

Motionblur (Unnamed Argument)

turn motion blur off or on

MultiCommand (Commands)

execute multiple commands, each split by a semicolon (;)


display information on the console profile


reconnect to the server

RemoveAlias (Alias)

delete existing alias

Setadminlevel (user, level)

change user's admin level

Unban (User Index)

unban a player to allow them back into the server

Unbind (Key Combination)

delete existing keybinding

Technical/Debug Commands

Here’s all the Technical/Debug Commands in V Rising:

Console Command


adminonlydebugevents (Unnamed Argument)

Admins are the only ones who can control debug events

ClientBuildingDebugging (Unnamed Argument)

Enables building debugging and displays an internal error if building doesn’t work

Copy (Command)

Copies output of subcommand


Copies output of debug dump


Copies output of position dump


Creates debug dump


Creates performance dump

DebugViewEnabled (Unnamed Argument)

Enable or disable debug view

depthoffield (Unnamed Argument)

Enable or disable depth of field

DumpArchetypeInformation (Which, Num to print, Full info)

Dumps Archetype information into a log and a file

DumpBlobAssetMemoryInfo (Which)

Dumps blob asset’s memory footprint

DumpChunkFragmentation (Which, ExtraDebugging)

Dumps fragmentation state of chunks

DumpComponentMemoryInfo (Which)

Dumps component memory footprint

DumpDynamicBufferMemoryInfo (Which)

Dumps dynamic buffer’s memory footprint

DumpEntity (World, Entity, Full Dump)

Dumps full info on target entity in the world

DumpEntityQueries (Which)

Dumps all entities in the world

DumpEverything (Which)

Dumps everything

DumpPrefabGUIDEntities (World, Component, Include Disabled, Include Prefabs)

Dump information about all PrefabGuide entities in the world

DumpQueryArchetypes (Which, OnlyRequired, AlsoLogToConsole)

Dump information about archetypes

DumpSystemMemory (Which, AlsoLogToConsole)

Dump system memory

garbageCollectArchetypes (Which)

Garbage collect all empty archetypes


Manages garbage collection

JobThreads (Threads)

Set or get a number of job threads

logdestroyevents (Which, State)

Continuously log all destroy events

lowqualityatmosphere (Unnamed Argument)

Toggle low-quality atmosphere

measureSystemPerformance (Unnamed Argument)

Toggles system performance measuring on and off

motionblur (Unnamed Argument)

Toggles motion blur


Open the folder for crash dumps


Opens folder for log files


Displays info on current console profile

performanceTestChunks (Jump Distance, Test Mode)

Test performance for all of the selected chunks

performchunkdefragmentation (Which)

Perform defragmentation for all chunks in a selected world


Print all active sequences


Print all active sounds


Print all sequences

printdestroyevents (Which)

Print all destroy events for the current frame


Print current dynamic resolution settings


Prints some info on the sun’s VFX state

setmipmaplevel (Unnamed Argument, Unnamed Argument)

Set mipmap level on all RenderMesh textures

setresolution (Unnamed Argument, Unnamed Argument)

Set resolution on all RenderMesh textures

setsystemenabled (Which, Unnamed Argument, Enabled)

Enable or disable a system in a world

startbuildwallpaper (Unnamed Argument)

Starts building of wallpaper

texturestreamingenabled (Unnamed Argument)

Enable or disable texture memory streaming budget

texturestreamingmaxlevelreduction (Unnamed Argument)

Sets the texture streaming max level reduction

texturestreamingmemorybudget (Unnamed Argument)

Sets the texture streaming memory budget

ToggleDebugViewCategory (Unnamed Argument)

Toggle specific debug view modes

toggleobserve (Mode)

Toggle being observer

ToggleSetting (Setting Name, Optional Setting Values)

Toggles a specific setting


Unloads all unused assets

useoptimizedqueries (Which, State)

Enable or disable faster queries

That concludes our look at V Rising Console Commands and Cheats. You should now be prepared with all of the knowledge necessary to successfully navigate the world of V Rising. It is reasonable to assume that Stunlock Studios will continue to introduce new commands in future updates.

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