How to Increase Gear Score Fast in V Rising

Be the strongest vampire by raising your Gear Score level fast in V Rising. But how exactly do you raise your Gear level quickly in the game?

You need to know how to increase Gear Score fast in V Rising if you want to become one of the strongest vampire. There’s a few tricks you can use to boost up your Gear Score a lot more quickly. On this guide, we’ll teach some the tricks to increase Gear Score fast in V Rising.

How to Increase Gear Score Fast in V Rising?

Here are ways to increase your Gear Score fast in V Rising:

  • Defeat Bosses
  • Craft New Equipment

While it sounds like a simple loop, there is reason to the repetition. Defeating bosses gives certain advantages that we’ll talk about further down in the article. Crafting new equipment is pivotal in order to get the best gear in V Rising.

Defeat Bosses in V Rising

The best way to increase Gear Score fast in V Rising is by draining the blood from bosses. This will net you new abilities as well as provide an increase in Gear Level. You will also be able to gain new materials this way.

This is because the way to increase Gear Level is tied directly into your equipment rather than how powerful your vampire is. While you can gain new equipment by simply roaming the world and crafting them, the fastest way to do so is by taking on bosses who provide you with new recipes, abilities, and worthwhile material that increase your Gear Score more quickly. Defeating Grayson the Armourer is how you get the recipe for Whetstone which is used to craft some powerful equipment. Our How to Get V Rising Whetstones guide will tell you all about it.

Your V Rising progression is determined by your Gear Score Level. Enemies with a skull icon on top of their names means your Gear Score is too low to take them on.

How to Increase Gear Score Fast in V Rising

V Rising bosses have different locations in the map. Use your Blood Altar to focus on hunting down a specific boss in the game. We also have a All V Blood Boss Locations in V Rising and All V Rising Dunley Farmlands Bosses – How to beat to help you find the specific bosses you’re looking for. Beating bosses will also give you abilities. We have a list of V Rising Skills – All Ability Types Explained that details every ability you can get in V Rising from the bosses you’ve defeated.

Craft New Equipment

Crafting new equipment is directly tied to defeating bosses in V Rising. Bosses give out recipes for new gear or new material that can be used to create new gear. You need those in order to create the best equipment.

While you can roam around and defeat enemies and loot chests for equipment, those are rarely reliable methods. They’ll take too long to find any worthwhile gear that will increase your Gear Score and are really only viable very early in the game when you have next to nothing. Crafting new gear is the next best thing. You should focus on making a Grinder, Tannery, and constructing a Woodworking Bench for access to better gear.

Craft New Equipment - How to Increase Gear Score Fast in V Rising

If you’re in the shop for Iron in V Rising, we have a V Rising Iron: Locations & How to Get guide.

What is the Gear Score Level Cap in V Rising?

The Gear Score level cap in V Rising is Level 80. This means you cannot go past Level 80 and you already have top tier gear once you reach it. You’re powerful enough to take on any boss and enemy player that comes your way.

Gear Score Level isn’t everything however. You’ll also need to learn how to get around fast. You can transform into wolves, bats, or even get your own horse. We have V Rising Horse Guide and How to Fast Travel in V Rising guides which should help you get around more quickly. These are useful for being able to get to boss locations fast in order to defeat them to increase your Gear Score.

You also also shouldn’t put everything on your Gear Score. You also need to pay attention to what weapon you have and their techniques. Our V Rising Weapons – All Weapons and How to Use Them guide will show you every weapon in the game and what they can do.

How to Increase Gear Score Fast in V Rising

That’s our guide for how to increase gear score fast in V Rising. You will naturally increase you Gear Score Level just by playing the game, however we recommend you focus on our tips up above. If you really liked this guide, then we have more V Rising guides for you.

If you’re a new players who’s looking for a way to get started fast in V Rising, then this Youtube video from SwoleBenji will help you get a jumpstart.