V Rising Unsullied Heart Farm Guide

V Rising Unsullied Heart Farm cover

The V Rising Unsullied Heart is an item drop that is essential to craft a mid-tier essence, which in turn is needed for other recipes. It can be quite a rare item to find at first, but it will become an abundant resource once the right enemies and farming routes have been established.

In this guide, we will talk about what the Unsullied Hearts are for, and how to farm V Rising Unsullied Heart efficiently.

V Rising Unsullied Hearts Uses

V Rising Unsullied Hearts are mainly used to craft Greater Blood Essences. At a Blood Press, four (4) Unsullied Hearts are needed to craft one Greater Blood Essence (3 with the Matching Floor bonus from the Alchemy Floor). Greater Blood Essences can then be used further for important upgrades and structures such as Servant Coffins which unlocks servants, which is why farming for Unsullied Hearts is recommended to be done as soon as possible.

Another use of the V Rising Unsullied Hearts is for consumption to get more blood. However, using it regularly this way is not recommended as it only gives 50% blood with a Frailed blood trait, making it only useful for emergency situations where blood is badly needed and there’s no other nearby source to get it from.

Unsullied Hearts are useful when you don’t have the cheaper Greater Blood Essence recipe yet.
How to get V Rising Unsullied Hearts

There’s no particular location or monster to get Unsullied Hearts from as they are a rare drop from common monsters and enemies that are around level 30. These enemies are commonly found in the Dunley Farmlands, which is the best place for an Unsullied Hearts farming route with a mid-tier gear.

V Rising Unsullied Hearts Farm Techniques

Though it is easier to slay minor enemies, the drop rate for V Rising Unsullied Hearts is quite low, especially if you are just starting to farm for them. The more efficient way of farming Unsullied Hearts as you are about to transition to mid-tier gear is by hunting down the first few easy bosses.

Even though they are situated in the Farbane Woods and are just around level 20, these bosses still have a chance to drop Unsullied Hearts at a higher rate than the mobs in the Dunley Farmlands. If you are geared well enough to deal with bosses such as Keely the Frost Archer, Rufus the Foreman, or Lidia the Chaos Archer within a reasonable time, then farming them is a great way to start.

Once you have upgraded your gear to be able to deal with the level 30 mobs quickly and without dying too often, then it’s time to transition to farming the Dunley Farmlands.

Circles indicate the locations densely populated by mid-level mobs. Blue line shows where most guard patrols pass by.

Start by going for the Militia Encampments and Farms that are dotted across the map. Then, raid the Mosswick Village or the Dawnbreak Village on either side of the map as they usually have a lot of patrolling guards and village folk to slay.

One of the densely populated locations is by the junction at the entrance towards the Haunted Iron Mine as there are camps in the location, plus patrols often pass by the area, so you can simply camp at the area and wait for the guards to come. Just be careful as this junction is also often patrolled by Vincent the Frostbringer and Christina the Sun Priestess which are two tough roaming bosses to fight against.

By the time that you have defeated Tristan the Vampire Hunter (Lv.46), you can simply stop farming for Unsullied Hearts since you would have already unlocked another Greater Blood Essence recipe which only requires Blood Essences to craft.

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