Diablo Immortal Tier List – Classes Ranked

There are 6 Diablo Immortal classes in total. But how do you decide which class you want to pick?

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We’ve created this Diablo Immortal Tier List to rank each of the playable classes in the game. The Diablo franchise has always given players a variety of classes that have different playstyles. With some classes having more functionality than others, we’ve made this Diablo Immortal tier list that ranks each class in the game.

Diablo Immortal Class Tier List: All Classes Ranked


Diablo Immortal Class Tier List


Crusader, Barbarian


Demon Hunter, Necromancer, Wizard



There are six classes in Diablo Immortal we’ve separated them into different tiers. Each class has their own special ability and where they excel at, but they also carry certain weaknesses that need to be compensated for.

Diablo Immortal S-Tier Classes

Crusader - Diablo Immortal Tier List


The Crusader is an incredibly well-rounded fighter and excels in multiple aspects that the class earns its spot at the top. This class has an incredibly high movement speed and puts players up close and personal to enemies. Crusader’s skills, such as Spinning Shield and Falling Sword, revolve around closing in the distance between foes. This makes the class great for either PVP and PVE scenarios. However the Crusader can be lacking when it comes to dealing single-target damage and their skills have long cooldowns.

Here’s our recommended Diablo Immortal Crusader Best Build.

Barbarian - Diablo Immortal Tier List


The Barbarian is an aggressive melee class with a good deal of mobility. This class can quickly make short work of enemy mobs. The Barbarian is structured around AoE attacks with high damage outputs and supporting their group. The trade off is that the Barbarian lacks single-target damage and their skills often have a long cooldown compared to the others.

Here’s our recommended Diablo Immortal Barbarian Best Build.

Diablo Immortal A-Tier Classes

Demon Hunter - Diablo Immortal Tier List

Demon Hunter

The Demon Hunter is a class that excels in dealing a lot of damage to a single target making them a great for raids. There is simply no other class that has the potential to deal this as punishment to a single target than the Demon Hunter. The trade off is that the Demon Hunter doesn’t have much defense and rely on good positioning. So despite their high single-damage target output, Demon Hunters have low mobility and require serious support to function effectively in PVP combat.

Here’s our recommended Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter Best Build.

Necromancer - Diablo Immortal Tier List


The Necromancer has the best crowd control skills and functions as a great support to any group. This class has multiple AoE skills and can summon minions to fight for them. Notable for their Bone Wall and Bone Armor that provides additional support to their summoned minions and allies. The trade off is that the Necromancer doesn’t have much mobility and some of their skills to rely on the presence of corpses before they can be useful.

Here’s our recommended Diablo Immortal Necromancer Best Build.

Wizard - Diablo Immortal Tier List


The Wizard is a class that has the most AoE skills that deal punishing damage over time. This class can essentially control and lock down areas as their AoE deals high DPS to any enemy that remain on the location. The Wizard can also teleport around the map giving them high mobility. The tradeoff is that the Wizard class is a glass cannon with low survivability. Players need to be very tactical when playing this class as its skills have long cooldowns.

Here’s our recommended Diablo Immortal Wizard Best Build.

Diablo Immortal B-Tier Class

Monk - Diablo Immortal Tier List


The Monk is a well-rounded fast paced melee class that can constantly move in and out of a fight at a moment’s notice. This class also has great support skills that make them pivotal for any team. The Monk’s skill have short cooldown allowing them to frequently use it. Players can constantly do AoE damage and then move out before they’re in any real danger. The trade off is that the Monk doesn’t have that much single-target damage. The Monk is also a difficult class to learn thanks to its dependency on skill rotations any mistakes to skill rotations will render players vulnerable.

Here’s our recommended Diablo Immortal Monk Best Build.

Which Diablo Immortal Class should you play?

There’s no class that’s truly bad so just because you see the class at the bottom of the tier list doesn’t mean they’re not fun to play or powerful in the right hands. This Diablo Immortal tier list serves as a guide to help you decide which one is for you.

  • Crusader – the Crusader is Diablo Immortal’s most adaptable class. Barbarian-like but with an emphasis on AoE skills and support buffs, the Crusader is similar to the Barbarian. Area-effect (AoE) melee damage is extremely potent, as is the ability to enlarge and enhance themselves and their companions. Also, they’re the most durable of the group, allowing them to endure hits that would otherwise end their lives. However, they have little range and they don’t have the same burst impact you’ll receive with a more specialized class. Those with a “tank” mindset will find the Crusader to be an excellent choice.
  • Barbarians – are by far the most suitable option for beginners. The Barbarian is Diablo Immortal’s specialized melee DPS class, and as such, they can deal unparalleled close-range damage. Beginners will find it easy to get started, while experienced who prefer simple gameplay will appreciate it. Thousands of attacks, countless countermeasures, Barbarians also have strong mobility that helps them close the distance rapidly, however they’re less tanky than Crusaders. As a result, Barbarians might be a little tough to play in the late game since the nature of the class often puts them in harm’s way.
  • Demon Hunter – the Demon Hunter is Diablo Immortal’s gunner/sniper class, able to do significant single-target damage from distance. They also have great mobility and can move around while utilizing their abilities, which is beneficial when you’re attempting to stay away from melee threats. If you’re looking to deal massive amounts of damage and take down bosses with just a few well-placed bullets, the Demon Hunter class is for you. But be wary Demon Hunters have limited health, though, so they can’t take many hits.
  • Necromancer – skeleton minions can be raised from the dead, as well as a powerful single-target and AoE damage from a long distance. Despite this, they are essentially a glass cannon because of their poor health and mobility. It’s up to you whether you want classes that have the ability to summon minions or summon pets to fight for them. Playing as a Necromancer leaves minimal room for error, even with the ability to produce squads of minions to assist offset these vulnerabilities.
  • Wizard – is the most enjoyable class in the game if you enjoy chaining skills together and moving about continuously to avoid taking damage. While the Wizards appear to be one of the weaker classes in the game, they are actually rather powerful. In fact, they are capable of causing some of the most damage. They are, however, best suited to experienced players who already know what they’re doing. We don’t recommend taking this class if you’re a beginner.
  • Monk – The Monk is a melee damage/support combination that specializes at whittling opponents down and offering buffs to nearby teammates, while also evading harm with their great mobility. Their quick and visceral basic assaults make them feel like they’re on the verge of exploding. They don’t have a ton of health and don’t inflict the best damage, either, but the enhancements they provide make Monks strong in group settings.

Diablo Immortal Best PvE Classes

  • Crusader – Tank
  • Monk – Support
  • Wizard – Damage/AoE

Crusaders as the frontline melee combatants in group PvE are ideal for boosting the damage output of their squishier comrades while drawing the enemy’s attention away from their weaker allies. Kiting creatures together into one big group makes it easier for an ally Wizard to use AoE attacks on them. Combined with Monks who can keep themselves safe while keeping enemies on their toes with a mix of powerful single-target strikes and AoE burst damage, can also greatly help out their fellow comrades by boosting their stats.

Diablo Immortal Best PvP Classes

  • Monk
  • Barbarian
  • Crusader

The Monk is one of Diablo Immortal’s strongest PvP classes. Shield of Zen gives one of the few classes guaranteed CC immunity. Monks have low cooldowns and amazing mobility, making them ideal for harassing enemies and depleting their cooldowns. Many Monk talents give life shields, allowing you to withstand more damage from attacks. Monk bonuses make other melee fighters more effective, which can be crucial in PvP.

Barbarians are a PvP powerhouse with their AoE combinations and excellent mobility. They devour ranged classes and, with assistance, can kill the tankiest Crusader quickly. Barbarians can sprint toward targets. And Furious Charge stacks knocks down your target every 3 seconds. Undying Rage prevents the Barbarian from dying and heals 30% of damage. This class can wreck the battlefield in PvP.

The Crusader is a tanky class that’s hard to kill in combat. Like the Monk, it combines damage and life shield talents but the Crusader is harder to kill. Drawn and Quarter mounts them during the channel, and they have unique abilities that can daze, slow, and stun opponents. This class can lock down enemies and make it hard for them to die, which is terrific playstyle that’s comfortable to use during PvP fights.

Diablo Immortal Best Solo Classes

  • Necromancer
  • Wizard

The Necromancer may create armies of dead from fallen adversaries, providing them a renewable source of bodyguards and fighters. Necromancers need corpses to build their army. Aside from summoning, they also have bone-based magic and spells to protect themselves and annihilate opponents. Necromancers are generally able to solo even the toughest content, but at a slower pace due to their lowered damage. They make up for their lack of destructive power with their survivability.

Wizards are excellent at using lethal AoE spells to annihilate large groups of enemies. They also have good mobility, although they are unable to use their power while moving around. Overall, the Wizard has an advantage over other classes in terms of single-handedly wiping out hoards of enemies, and this compensates for the fact that the Wizard’s weak defenses are its major weakness.

That’s our Diablo Immortal Tier List that ranks every class in the game. We hope that this will help you pick your class when Diablo Immortal launches. Don’t go just yet, you can check out our related Diablo Immortal articles here.

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