Diablo Immortal Trading – Buy and Sell Items in the Market

Diablo Immortal Marketplace Guide - Buy and Sell Items in the Market

Diablo Immortal trading can only take place in The Market, and has been the only place in the game where stuff can be traded. The Market is an essential component that allows players to exchange items with one another.

Despite the fact that Diablo Immortal’s gear can only be earned through playing, it cannot be purchased on The Market or even traded. The Market, on the other hand, is a place where players can buy and sell materials, such as runes, Skill Stones, and gems.

Here’s everything you need to know about what you can buy or sell on the Market, as well as how it works.

What is the Market in Diablo Immortal?

Diablo Immortal’s Market is a place where players can buy and sell items they’ve gained through the game. Weapons, armor, and jewelry, for example, cannot be traded though.

A player may trade certain secondary items and the materials such as:

  • Normal Gems
  • Legendary Gems
  • Runes
  • Skill Stones

In order to buy and sell items, you’ll need Platinum, which you can get through the in-game store or earn through daily gameplay awards and the exchange of Eternal Orbs. Additionally, this is the currency you’ll receive if you’ve successfully sold an item.

Remember that all listed items expire in two days and that each item has a minimum and maximum quantity of Platinum recommended for its purchase. As such, players are unable to sell products at any price other than the one specified.

Where to Find The Market in Diablo Immortal?

The Diablo Immortal Market may be found in Wynton’s Grand Market, which is a section of Rakkis Plaza in Westmarch.

Interact with Dya in Rakkis Plaza to access the Market interface. Note that Dya is a Market NPC that becomes available to you once you’ve reached level 25.

Dya can be found in the area marked on the map below:

Where to Find The Market in Diablo Immortal
credits to mapgenie.io for this map

How to Trade Items in the Diablo Immortal Marketplace

Trading items in The Market is pretty straightforward, simply Interact with the NPC and select the Buy button.

However, players should keep in mind that not all items are of identical quality, and the number of items you can Buy or Sell on the Market at a time are limited.

How to Buy Items in the Diablo Immortal Marketplace

Gems and Runes can be used interchangeably, although Legendary Gems and Skill Stones have different quality, rank, and utility depending on the character they belong to. Make sure to check the item before buying it.

While bidding on an item, the Watchlist function will save all of your favorite products in one place so you can quickly discover them again if you change your mind. Simply tap the heart icon in the upper right corner of the item you want to buy. Every three minutes, you’re sent a reminder to check out an item on your Watchlist before it disappears.

How to Sell Items in the Diablo Immortal Marketplace

If you want to sell an item, all you have to do is go to the Market and tap on the Sell button. In the upper left corner, there will be a scale symbol to signify this.

You may see the items you’d like to sell in the My Items section. At first, you can only list four products for sale. Later on, additional slots can be unlocked.

How to Sell Items in the Diablo Immortal Marketplace

Any items that aren’t sold are returned to your inventory, and a n item’s maximum selling price can only be set to 100 percent of the recommended average retail price. Platinum minus a 15% commission will be transferred to the inbox when another player purchases one of the listed items.

If you don’t need the Legendary Gems for your characters, it’s preferable to sell them. As a result, you’ll have more Platinum to spend on Gems. Even while it’s tempting to continually selling off useless Gems, maintain some spare Legendary Gems to sacrifice and upgrade the ones you’re currently playing with.

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Here’s Blizzplanet‘s Diablo Immortal Market Preview video during Technical Alpha:

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