Disney Dreamlight Valley The Price of Fame Quest Walkthrough

Disney Dreamlight Valley - The Price of Fame Quest Walkthrough

The Price of Fame Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley will be available to players once they’ve reached a certain friendship level with Remy. This one’s pretty straightforward and will teach you the basics of serving customers in Remy’s Restaurant. So while you’re at it, here’s a rundown on how to easily complete “The Price of Fame” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, so read on.

The Price of Fame Quest Walkthrough

Once you’ve received the quest from Remy, He’ll provide you a chef’s uniform and ask you to change into it. Simply open up your wardrobe and select Remy’s icon to equip Remy’s White Chef’s Top and Hat.

Now, return to Remy and he’ll give you 3 tasks to complete in Chez Remy.

To be more specific, three orders will need to be filled for the customers visiting Chez Remy. Although the villagers may issue you orders at any time, those orders will always be completely unpredictable. There will be challenging and intricate dishes to make, but you can also expect simpler requests using more accessible ingredients. As such, we’ve prepared a Full Recipes List that might help you out.

Once you’ve fulfilled 3 orders, speak to Remy to complete the quest.

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