How to Unlock the Lookout Ridge Event and Get Edelgard’s Bracelet in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage Lookout Ridge Event Guide

Fire Emblem Engage Edelgard's Bracelet Lookout Ridge cover

Edelgard’s Bracelet is an emblem bracelet that can be obtained in Fire Emblem Engage and can be found when visiting the Lookout Ridge at a certain point in the game. It is a paid DLC exclusive that provides the wearer the powers of the house leaders from Fire Emblem Three Houses. When compared to the other emblem rings, this bracelet provides a wider versatility in battle considering that it bears more than one hero in it.

Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to unlock the Fire Emblem Engage Lookout Ridge Event and obtain Edelgard’s Bracelet.

How to unlock the Fire Emblem Engage Lookout Ridge Event

To unlock the Fire Emblem Engage Lookout Ridge event, you must first have Wave 1 of the Expansion Pass DLC of the game. This is a paid expansion that can be purchased via the Nintendo eShop for $29.99 and is the only way to get the event and the bracelet in the game. After you have purchased the pass, follow the steps below to unlock the Fire Emblem Engage Lookout Ridge Event:

  1. Complete Chapter 6: The Stolen Ring first.
  2. Then continue onwards to Chapter 7: Dark Emblem.
  3. As soon as you start Chapter 7, you should see an alert message saying “Something has been found at Lookout Ridge.”
  4. Head over to Somniel and head over to the Lookout Ridge.
  5. A cutscene will play showing that a bracelet is found at the ridge containing emblems.
  6. You’ll then obtain Edelgard’s Bracelet and be able to call on the emblems in it.

Despite only being called as “Edelgard’s Bracelet”, you’ll still be able to summon the power of Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude in battles. Unlike the emblem rings, you do not have to pass a certain challenge right after obtaining the bracelet as you can call upon their “engage abilities” immediately on your next battle.

How to use the Edelgard’s Bracelet

In Fire Emblem Engage, the Edelgard’s Bracelet is an emblem that brings forth the powers of Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude into battle, after you acquire it from the Fire Emblem Engage Lookout Ridge Event. The bracelet can be used similarly to the emblem rings, however the hero that you call upon will be at random. The Gambit synchro skills also also change depending on the active hero.

When it comes to the Combat Arts engage skill, you can select which skill you’d like to use among the three, but doing so will use up all of the remaining engage turns.

On the other hand, the Houses Unite engage attack deals axe, land, and bow damage, making it effective against a wide range of enemy types. When using just the Aymr to attack, it can deal bonus damage to dragons.

Edelgard’s Bracelet Bond Skills

Edelgard’s Bond Skills are the skills that can be obtained or inherited from Edelgard’s Bracelet when certain bond levels are reached; note that Skill Inheritance can only be done once bond level 5 is reached:

  • Level 2 – Str/Dex +1
  • Level 3 – Lineage
  • Level 4 – Bow Guard 1
  • Level 5 – Skill Inheritance
  • Level 6 – Axe Proficiency
  • Level 7 – Str/Dex +2
  • Level 8 – Bow Guard 2
  • Level 9 – Lance Proficiency
  • Level 10 – Areadbhar
  • Level 11 – Strong Bond
  • Level 12
    • Weapon Sync
    • Str/Dex +3
  • Level 13 – Bow Proficiency
  • Level 14 – Bow Guard 3
  • Level 15 – Failnaught
  • Level 16 – Str/Dex +4
  • Level 17
    • Weapon Sync+
    • Bow Guard 4
  • Level 18 – Str/Dex +5
  • Level 19 – Bow Guard 5
  • Level 20 – Deep Synergy

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