Garangolm Guide – Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

A guide on how to hunt a Garangolm in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Garangolm cover

Garangolm is one of the new monsters in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. It is a behemoth that usually wanders through the Citadel, however the strange occurrences in the area has made it suddenly migrate to other locations, such as the Flooded Forest. Though it looks docile from a distance, a Garangolm is quite ferocious and is capable of destroying everything in its path.

In this guide, we will talk about Garangolm and share some tips on how to make the hunt for it more manageable.

Garangolm Characteristics

A Garangolm is a fanged beast which resembles a huge ape with a large prehensile tail. Its design is based on the Dr. Frankenstain’s monster with its head looking flat and bulky, similar to the sci-fi monster. It is also known as one of the Three Lords of Elgado.

It is capable of secreting a sap that allows moss to stick and grow on its body, most especially on its arms. It can also harden the sap and make them tougher to serve as its armor when threatened.

Garangolm also has the ability to ignite one of its arms while the other arm gets soaked in water, which allows it to inflict both fireblight and waterblight depending on which arm connects to a target. It can use its flaming arm to create explosions, which it can also use to propel itself towards its targets.

  • Element: Fire/Water
  • Ailment: Fireblight/Waterblight/Blastblight
  • HP: 17,000 – 65,000 points
Garangolm Characteristics - Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Garangolm Weaknesses

  • Weak Points – Head, Arms
  • Elemental/Ailment Weakness – Thunder, Fire, Blast
  • Elemental/Ailment Resistance – Water, Dragon, Poison, Stun, Paralysis, Exhaust
  • Resistant Points – Torso, Legs

Garangolm’s head can be quite challenging to reach due to its height, so targeting its arms is the next best option. Blunt weapons work effectively against its arms, while cutting weapons are effective against its head. Once the arms have been coated with their respective elements, their weaknesses also change, i.e: fire arm becomes weak to water and ice, water arm becomes weak to fire and thunder.

Because of its hulking body, it moves relatively slower than other lighter-built monsters, however hunters should pay attention once it enters its rage mode as it can use its fire arm to gain mobility.

Garangolm Moves

The Garangolm has several moves and most of its attacks are pounds and jumps. Listed below are the most notable moves in its move set.

  • Arm Pound: Garangolm raises its arm upwards and slams it to the ground. When pounding using its fire arm, the impact will cause a small explosion around the arm.
  • Rock Fling: It puts its arm on the ground and swings it forward, hurling rocks towards its targets. On its enraged state, it can fling out three rocks.
  • Jump Pound: It jumps towards its target and pounds the ground with both of its arms. It can do this attack three times.
  • Rocket Pound: It punches the ground with its fire arm and makes it do an explosion, sending itself upwards and then landing as it pounds the ground with its left arm. A plume of blast powder lingers on the area where the explosion happened.
  • Wall Charge: It puts its head and arms into the ground forming a wall, then it charges forward.
  • Belly Flop: Garangolm jumps up and spreads its limbs out to land on its belly. This attack causes tremors which can trip hunters nearby.
  • Rock Hurl: It digs its arms into the ground and lifts a huge rock, which it then throws forward.

How to Beat Garangolm in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

  • Its head can only be reached when it’s lowered down during a pound attack or when it’s toppled down, so it’s best to concentrate on the arms first, especially during its rage state.
  • Thunder element weapons are effective overall against Garangolm.
  • When using one of the other elements, make sure to concentrate on hitting the arm that is weak to it to maximize your damage output.
  • Whenever possible, lure in a monster from the map using a Stinkmink to fight against Garangolm to deal massive damage to it.
  • If you can time it right, you can use a Flash Bomb to make Garangolm fall from the sky mid-jump.
Garangolm is a docile monster, but it get enraged when it gets disturbed.

Garangolm has two phases: normal and rage state.

Normal – Garangolm First Phase

Upon encountering Garangolm, it will do its normal arm swings and leaps to attack players. It can’t inflict fireblight or waterblight at this point yet.

Fire/Water Rage State – Garangolm Second Phase

Garangolm grazes its left arm to the ground to gather moss and rocks, while it punches the ground with its right arm to gather explosive materials. It will be more agile, tougher and aggressive thanks to its arms. Hunters should be wary about the rocket jumps to avoid getting hit by them as they deal massive damage.

At this point, the party’s focus should be to attack the arms to destroy them. Once both arms are destroyed, Garangolm will revert to its normal state. Aside from its arms, its other attacks such as the rock hurl and belly flop should be avoided.

Garangolm Drops

Garangolm drops these items:

  • Garangolm Cortex
  • Garangolm Shard
  • Golm Thick Juice
  • Garangolm Hardfang
  • Golm Ploughtail
  • Large Beast Gem
  • Garangolm Fist
  • Beast Tear
  • Large Beast Tear
  • Afflicted Fang (On Afflicted quests)

Garangolm Armor

The Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Garangolm Armor Set is a Rarity Level 8 Master Rank Armor Set.

  • 60,000 zenny
  • Garangolm Cortex x14
  • Garangolm Hardfang x5
  • Garangolm Shard x3
  • Golm Thick Juice x5
  • Garangolm Fist x3
  • Gowngoat Thickfur x3
  • Golm Ploughtail x2
  • Large Beast Gem x1
  • Centuria Ore x2
  • Massive Monster Bone x3

Garangolm Armor Set Skills

  • Golm Helm
    • Charge Master Lv1
    • Maximum Might Lv1
    • Tremor Resistance Lv1
  • Golm Mail
    • Flinch Free Lv3
    • Tremor Resistance Lv2
  • Golm Braces
    • Charge Master Lv1
    • Focus Lv2
  • Golm Faulds
    • Spiribird’s Call Lv1
    • Focus Lv1
    • Maximum Might Lv2
  • Golm Greaves
    • Charge Master Lv1
    • Slugger Lv2
    • Stamina Thief Lv2

Garangolm Layered Armor

The Garangolm Layered Armor Set can be crafted with the following:

  • 12,000 zenny
  • Outfix Voucher+ x10
  • Garangolm Points 6 pts/piece or 30 pts

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