How to Build a Roof in V Rising

Knowing how to build a roof in V Rising is a typical cause of confusion for new players. You’ll be given a task on how to build your castle as soon as you progress in V Rising. Since vampires in this game are sensitive to sunlight, you’ll need a roof over your head if you plan on using your castle during the day.

Both blocking out the sun’s rays and speeding up the production of your various resource-refining structures can be achieved by building a roof. So without further ado, here’s how to build a roof in V Rising.

How to Build a Castle Roof in V Rising

First, you’ll need the right tools to build the structures in your Castle. A Workbench, a Grinder for Stone, and a Sawmill for Wood Planks are included.

Now, in building a roof in V Rising, the entire room must be rebuilt out of Reinforced Walls and Castle Flooring, which can be found under the Castle tab. Start by replace the Castle’s palisade walls with reinforced walls. 

In the game’s tutorial, you were required to build three Palisades, which, despite their appearance, are not considered walls. 10 Stone Bricks and 6 Planks are needed to make castle walls.

A roof can only be generated using resources from the "Castle" tab, not from palisades or other wooden structures.
How to Build a Castle Roof in V Rising

Once the walls are up, you’ll need to lay down Flooring. You can use any of the selections under the Floors section of your build menu, but you may want to plan ahead and arrange any specific flooring you have for crafting and refining so you don’t waste resources.

A Reinforced Entrance must be added to the enclosure in order to complete the overall construction. All of the Reinforced options have a door in the Walls category. 

How to Build a Castle Roof in V Rising 1

The game will automatically add a roof to a room once you’ve completed the room’s stone enclosure by placing the final wall or floor piece. In the event that a roof does not appear, double check to see that the region is totally surrounded by castle walls.

Once the roof is in place, you’ll notice a difference in the room’s ambiance. Whole areas will be illuminated rather than just the walls. You’ll finally be covered from sunlight during daytime.

Now that the Castle Roof has been built, the quest in V Rising will be completed. After then, you’ll be able to collect your rewards. Your Castle can now continue to improve as you tackle the next phases in its development.

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