How to get Legacy Credits in Overwatch 2

One of the Currencies used In Overwatch 2


In-game currencies are common nowadays, especially in Overwatch 2. In the game, there are multiple currencies; however, the game itself doesn’t fully explain how to loot them, including the legacy credits. In this guide, players will learn where to get these credits and how to use them, so read on.

What are Legacy Credits in Overwatch 2?

Legacy Credits in Overwatch 2 is an exclusive currency for players who played the previous title in the series. They are simply credits that were carried over from the 1st game and can be used to purchase various skins, emotes, victory poses, and other cosmetic items for their heroes.

What Are Legacy Credits - Overwatch 2

These credits are not available for those who just started playing Overwatch 2 and didn’t play its prequel. Since Overwatch 2 supports cross-progression, players who previously played Overwatch on both PC and console can merge their accounts to combine all of their Legacy Credits into one account.

How to Obtain Legacy Credits in Overwatch 2?

Sadly, there is no other way to get more Legacy Credits in the game. Players will have no choice but to spend whatever credits they have from the prequel. Once players have used up their credits and can’t redeem anything else with them, items that previously cost Legacy Credits will convert to Overwatch Coins, so don’t worry about not being able to attain certain items.

How To Get More Legacy Credits in Overwatch 2

And that’s our guide on how to get more legacy credits in Overwatch 2.  Check out our other Overwatch 2 content for more.

Also check out this video by Niandra explaining how legacy credits work in Overwatch 2: