How to Catch Glittering Herring in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Glittering Herring cover

The Glittering Herring is a special fish that can only be caught during a particular quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. When Elsa finally came back to the valley, she felt homesick and wanted to get a taste of an Arendellian dish. An important ingredient for this dish is the Glittering Herring, but it only comes out during certain weather conditions.

In this guide, we will talk about how to catch a Glittering Herring in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to catch a Glittering Herring

First off, you will need to unlock Elsa and raise her friendship level to level 6. It will then unlock the quest “What Home Feels Like” where you will have to gather several ingredients first. After getting the first batch of ingredients to make the Dandelion Syrup, Elsa will then ask you to catch a Glittering Herring.

To catch a Glittering Herring, you must go to the Glade of Trust while it is raining in the game. Then, head to the spot near Mother Gothel’s tree to find a golden ripple. Cast your line in this ripple and try to catch the fish like normal. If successful, you will then get the Glittering Herring.

For PC players, although it’s not recommended, you can try and force to change the weather to a rainy one by changing your PC’s internal time. Be warned however, this may cause issues with item spawn if done excessively.

Glittering Herring Uses

After catching the Glittering Herring, you can then cook the Fish Pie by mixing it with the Dandelion Syrup, Butter, and Wheat.

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