All Pokédex Rewards in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Pokedex Rewards cover

The Pokédex Rewards are a set of rewards given every time a milestone is reached for having collected a number of Pokémon entries or “volumes”. It works similarly to battle pass rewards in most recent games. These rewards can be very helpful in completing the entire Pokédex itself, which in turn would make getting the rest of the rewards much faster.

In this guide, we will look through all the rewards that can be obtained from completing the Pokédex.

How to get the Pokédex Rewards

To get the Pokédex rewards, you must first reach the milestone for each of them. Every time you capture or own (through hatching or trading) a Pokémon for the first time, it adds an entry or a volume on the Pokédex which is stylized to look like a shelf of books. Every 10 volumes that you collect, you will reach a milestone for your rewards, up until you collect all the 400 Pokémon* of the Paldean Regional Dex. This includes all the version exclusives from both games.

To collect these Pokédex rewards, simply access the Pokédex (Y button > X button > select Pokédex), then press the X button to show the rewards bar. You will then automatically get the rewards every time a milestone is reached. You can also see your progress and how many volumes you will need to collect in order to reach the next reward. Upon completing the Pokédex, you’ll then get a ribbon on the dex as a visual reward.

*Although obtainable in the current game, Pokémon like Wooper, Quagsire, Galarian Meowth, Perrserker, and Charizard are not included in the count.

**As of this writing, there’s no info yet if there will be additional rewards once the Home transfer compatibility gets implemented in a future update.

List of Pokédex Rewards

  • 10 volumes – x3 Stardust
  • 20 volumes – x10 Great Ball
  • 30 volumes – x1 Thunder Stone
  • 40 volumes – x10 Ultra Ball
  • 50 volumes – x5 Exp. Candy S
  • 60 volumes – x1 Fire Stone
  • 70 volumes – x10 Net Ball
  • 80 volumes – x1 Water Stone
  • 90 volumes – x10 Nest Ball
  • 100 volumes – x5 Stardust
  • 110 volumes – x3 Exp. Candy M
  • 120 volumes – x10 Quick Ball
  • 130 volumes – x1 Dusk Stone
  • 140 volumes – x10 Dusk Ball
  • 150 volumes – x1 Shiny Stone
  • 160 volumes – x3 Exp. Candy M
  • 170 volumes – x10 Dive Ball
  • 180 volumes – x10 Stardust
  • 190 volumes – x10 Luxury Ball
  • 200 volumes – x5 Exp. Candy M
  • 210 volumes – x1 Moon Stone
  • 220 volumes – x10 Timer Ball
  • 230 volumes – x3 Star Piece
  • 240 volumes – x1 Fast Ball
  • 250 volumes – x3 Star Piece
  • 260 volumes – x1 Friend Ball
  • 270 volumes – x1 Dawn Stone
  • 280 volumes – x1 Level Ball
  • 290 volumes – x3 Exp. Candy L
  • 300 volumes – x1 Lure Ball
  • 310 volumes – x3 Comet Shard
  • 320 volumes – x1 Heavy Ball
  • 330 volumes – x3 Exp. Candy L
  • 340 volumes – x1 Moon Ball
  • 350 volumes – x5 Exp. Candy L
  • 360 volumes – x1 Dream Ball
  • 370 volumes – x1 Nugget
  • 380 volumes – x2 Nugget
  • 390 volumes – x3 Big Nugget
  • 400 volumes – x1 Beast Ball

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