Lost Ark Perception Shards – How to get and Where to find them

A guide on how to get and use Perception Shards.

perception shards

Perception Shards in Lost Ark are considered to be a different kind of currency that is mostly used to exchange with a bunch of other stuff such as Stone Fragments, Harmony Shards, and Engraving Recipe Pouches, just to list a few. Learn where to get these shards and how to make the most out of them in this guide.

What are Perception Shards in Lost Ark?

Perception Shards are a type of resource that can be dropped by defeated enemies. They are used to exchange for other materials to power up your character and its gear. It does not have any use by its own.

Perception Shards act like a special currency that can be exchanged with Chaos Dungeon vendors who appear outside the Dungeon entrances and sell rare items ranging from Stone Fragments, Harmony Shards, to Engraving Recipe Pouches.

Perception Shards can be exchanged for a variety of items in the Chaos Dungeon. Perception Shards may only be exchanged for items from these vendors, so go ahead and swap them for whatever you require.

Where to Get Perception Shards?

You can get Perception Shards by defeating monsters spawned from within a Chaos Dungeon and drops quite abundantly. But only players with an Item Level below 580 can get Perception Shards from Chaos Dungeons and Chaos Gates.

Perception Shards can also be obtained from other quests and purchased from the secret shop, but the best method to get them is to just play Chaos Dungeons.

Chaos Dungeons – Lost Ark

The Chaos Dungeon is an endgame dungeon similar to the dungeons that you have gone through before at this point. The difference is that the enemies are harder and they come in massive hordes.

How to Unlock Chaos Dungeons

You have to complete the “Ealyn’s Request” quest in order to unlock the Chaos Dungeons.

How to Play Chaos Dungeons in Lost Ark

To enter a Chaos Dungeon, you have to reach a specific item level. You can enter a Chaos Dungeon solo or up to a party of four, by which the difficulty of the dungeon will also scale up the more members there are.

Chaos Dungeons have several sections that have different objectives, as follows:

  • First section: You must defeat as many mobs as you can within a time limit. Once you have reached the required amount, a rift will open that leads to the next section.
  • Second section: You must defeat mini bosses to open another rift that will lead to the next section.
  • Third section: You must destroy Rift Core Crystals and defeat the mini bosses that spawn within them, as well as clear the entire section of mobs.
  • Bonus section: If another rift opens up within the third section, you can enter it to fight another Phantasmal enemy. Defeating it will reward you with in-game currencies.
How to Get Perception Shards from a Chaos Dungeon in Lost Ark

How to Get Perception Shards from a Chaos Dungeon in Lost Ark

Enter the Chaos Dungeon after spending the Aura of Resonance for the day

Chaos Dungeons consume 50 Aura of Resonance to enter, and a player is given 100 Aura of Resonance per day. When a player goes through a Chaos Dungeon under an Aura of Resonance, they will receive the higher tier rewards of the dungeon, but they will not get any Perception Shards.

After doing at least two Chaos Dungeon runs in a day, every Chaos Dungeon run until rollover will reward the players with Perception Shards as drops from the enemies.

Enter Tier 1 Chaos Dungeons

Perception Shards can only drop from Tier 1 Chaos Dungeons that require no more than 580 item level. If a player enters a higher tier Chaos Dungeon, the drops will be replaced with either Guardian Shards or Shards of Purification.

Exchanging Perception Shards in Lost Ark

Perception Shards can be exchanged through Magick Scholar Jeneca who is present in all cities. Listed below are the items that can be exchanged with Perception Shards:

  • Harmony Shard Pouch
  • Harmony Leapstone
  • Destruction Stone Fragment
  • Guardian Stone Fragment
  • Perception Engraving Recipe Pouch
Exchanging Perception Shards in Lost Ark

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