Lost Ark Shadow Island Complete Guide & How to Get Shadow Island Token

An overview on what to expect in the Shadow Island.

shadow island

Lost Ark‘s Shadow Island is one of the numerous islands that you can visit in Arkesia via your ship. Within the island is a tower filled with strong monsters in every floor, and it also has one main chain quest line that rewards a lot of fragments that can be used to upgrade your gear. In this guide, we will look into the ins and outs of the Shadow Island.

Shadow Island Location in Lost Ark

Shadow Island is located at the North Vern Sea and can be accessible via sailing. Within the island lies the Shadespire, a tower which has many floors littered with different kind of enemies.

Shadow Island Location - Lost Ark

Shadow Island Quest in Lost Ark

Shadow Island has one main quest that requires you to go through the Shadespire in the island and defeat several enemies. To start the quest, your character should reach at least level 50 before the NPC, Mercenary Captain Zardin, will give you the quest.

The quest will then let you proceed to the higher levels of the Shadespire. From that point onwards, you can then use the teleport towers located in the cities to quickly access the Shadespire.

Shadow Island Quest Line

The questline goes as follows:

  • To the Shadespire
  • The Scent of Blood
  • Vile Debris
  • Debris Gatherer
  • An Important Record
  • Shadow’s Mark

These quests will require you to defeat several monsters, all of which are at level 50, while one quest will require you to defeat Rictus, a boss that can go invisible. Despite every floor being an open area where any player can help out, it’s still wise to make sure that your character is geared up to survive the mobs.

Shadow Island Quest Line

Shadow Island Quest Rewards

Completing all the quests in Shadow Island will reward you with these:

  • +3 Courage
  • +3 Wisdom
  • 885 Roster XP
  • 8,850 silver
  • 72 Splendid Destruction Stone Fragment Chest
  • 105 Splendid Guardian Stone Fragment Chest
  • 4 Lavish Guardian Stone Fragment Chest
  • 8 Splendid Shard Chest (M)
  • 18 Splendid Harmony Leapstone Chest
  • 1 Lavish Harmony Leapstone Chest
  • 1 Lavish Shard Chest (M)
  • Shadow Island Token

Shadespire – Lost Ark

The Shadespire is tower gauntlet where you must face different monsters and complete different objectives in every floor. The tower has 50 floors, with bosses spawning every 5 floors and a final boss at the very top. Each floor has different time limits to complete its challenge, otherwise you will fail to proceed to the next floor.

Shadespire - Lost Ark

Lost Ark: Shadow’s Mark

Obtaining the Shadow’s Mark in Lost Ark requires completing Floor 24 of Shadespire. This means that some of you may end up stuck on Shadow Island, trying to find something within twenty-four floors, but you can’t finish this mission there. Instead, you’ll need to find a Shadowspire Tower in a city and complete its twenty-fourth.

The Shadowspire is located in Vern Castle, but any of them will do as long as you haven’t reached floor twenty-four. You obtain the Shadow’s Mark by beating floor 24 in a Shadowspire, then return to Shadow Island and give in the mission.

This is confusing given there are multiple Shadowspires scattered over the area. If you’re not paying attention, you’ll find yourself circling Shadow Island in a futile search for the twenty-fourth storey of anything.

On your first clear of the Shadespire, most of the rewards that you will get will be engraving recipe books. On your next clears, you will be getting upgrade materials instead. The more floors that you clear, the more rewards that you will get.

Shadow Island Tokens in Lost Ark

Shadow Isle holds one of the several Island Tokens that you can collect from different parts of Arkesia. Collecting these Island Tokens will reward you with different items such such as a Golden Moss Turtle Mount and a Tortoyk Arong Turtle Ship Skin, with many more planned to come in future updates.


Tokens Required

Greater Stat Increase Potion

5 Island Tokens

Emote: Threaten

10 Island Tokens

Uncommon Wooden Compass

15 Island Tokens

Greater Skill Point Potion

20 Island Tokens

Mount: Golden Moss Turtle

25 Island Tokens

Masterpiece #3

30 Island Tokens

Emote: Wave Dance

35 Island Tokens

Luminous Aquamarine

40 Island Tokens

Gienah's Protection

45 Island Tokens

Protections Skill Rune

50 Island Tokens

Masterpiece #22

55 Island Tokens

Secret Map (Adventure: Giant Shell)

60 Island Tokens

Oceanic Aquamarine

65 Island Tokens

Statue of the Goddess Harmony

70 Island Tokens

Masterpiece #38

75 Island Tokens

Ship Skin: Tortoyk Arong Turtle

80 Island Tokens

Secret Map

85 Island Tokens

Tidal Aquamarine

90 Island Tokens

Procyon Statue

95 Island Tokens

How to Get Shadow Island Token

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