Lost Diary Locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Lost Diary cover

Lost Diary entries are one of the collectibles that players can look for throughout Dreamlight Valley. These entries were once part of the diary that the Old Ruler kept before the Forgetting happened. Within these entries, there are snippets of logs that provide some peek as to what life was when the Old Ruler was still in the valley, and there are also logs that suggest what may have happened to them that led to the Forgetting.

In this guide, we will be listing down all the known locations of the Lost Diary entries in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

This guide is a work in progress. It will be updated once additional information is available.

Old Ruler’s Lost Diary Locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are a total of 37 Lost Diary entries according to the Collection tab. It’s assumed that each entry from the first to the last are arranged in chronological order, however, this is only apparent in the final few entries. Despite that, the entries can be found in any order depending on how you explore the valley.

So far, we have only found 32 entries. It is possible that we might have missed some, or that the remaining entries that have yet to be found will be included in future content updates of the game (i.e. inside the Elephant Skull or the Pumpkin House).

#1: Merlin’s house, on the bookshelves

“…time is running out. …whatever I do, I must protect… Merlin will know… …how… …do…”

#2: Peaceful Meadow, near the Orb of Friendship

“The Meadow is a fair and peaceful place, full of soft grass and pleasant breezes. Good for a picnic or a walk.”

#3: Dazzle Beach, near the Wishing Well

“I like to stand on the Beach and look to the horizon and wonder about what new friends may be sailing towards me while I wait.”

#4: Forgotten Lands, southeast corner

“There’s this dark place at the edge of the Valley. Every time I walk by, it makes me feel all sad and cold inside. Maybe we could decorate it and make it a little brighter.”

#5: Frosted Heights, north side

“The sparkling snow up here is beautiful. But brrrr — it’s so cold! I better remember to bring a warm coat, hat and mittens next time I go exploring.”

#6: Sunlit Plateau, near the pillar

“The Sunlit Plateau is so hot today. I’ve got to remember to keep away from the Elephant Graveyard… that places gives me the creeps.”

#7: Forest of Valor, beside Anna’s castle

“A forest is full of secrets and life. From the quick, quiet lives of raccoons on the ground to the busy flutter of the birds through the trees to the owl and wildcat gliding silently through darkness.”

#8: Plaza, southeastern corner

“The Plaza is the heart of Dreamlight Valley. It’s where all of the Valley’s citizens come together to help each other when needed and to celebrate whenever we have an excuse!”

#9: Dazzle Beach, southwestern corner, near Donald’s house

“Sometimes I look out over the ocean and think about traveling beyond the Valley. I could find a whole new world.”

#10: Goofy’s house, near his bed

“… glad to visit Goofy. He always has a kind word and a… such silly ideas, but he means so well and when he laughs I can’t help but smile.”

#11: Plaza, beside Scrooge McDuck’s Shop’s original location

“…convinced the famous Scrooge McDuck to open a business in our Village. He’s planning to… says he’s sure it will be a good investment.”

#12: Maui’s house, near the mats

“…extremely grateful to Maui for what he does for the Village. He doesn’t hesitate to sing his own praises, but, well, he’s not wrong.”

  • #13 (To be updated)
  • #14 (To be updated)

#15: Peaceful Meadow, by WALL-E’s garden

“I always thought this would be a nice place for a garden.”

#16: Chez Remy, at the corner

“I just had the most amazing meal at… Remy has really outdone himself with the menu. He’s talking about expanding the… dishes based on all of the different parts of the Valley…”

#17: Minnie’s house, near the bed

“It’s so good to watch Mickey and Minnie together. Love shines off of their faces whenever they look at each other. Well, most of the time. Sometimes they argue, but I suppose that’s also part of love.”

#18: Mickey’s house, near the cabinet

“…puts on a good front, but I can tell he’s utterly heartbroken. Minnie was his other half. Now that she’s disappeared, I don’t know how long it will be before…”

#19: Mystical Cave, at the lowest floor

“I’ve learned a new language… extremely easy to learn and you can express complicated ideas so quickly. I’m going to use it to keep my journal.”

#20: WALL-E’s house, by the shelves

“WALL-E is a bit hard to understand, but it’s worth the effort. That little robot has a big heart. And there’s a lot of nuance to his “oooohs” and aaaahs”!

  • #21 (To be updated)
  • #22 (To be updated)

#23: Merlin’s house, near the telescope

“I always consult Merlin when making important decision. After all a wizard is… often tells me to trust my own judgment, which I suppose is very good advice indeed.”

#24: Sunlit Plateau, west side, near the pond

“…is always trying to persuade me to eat bugs. I’ve told Timon that I prefer things like bread or bananas, but he insists that if I just tried a beetle then I’d see that…”

#25: Minnie’s house, near the couch

“…was a perfect day for a picnic, and Minnie said she’d just made chocolate chip cookies that we could… a fresh loaf of bread and some apples from the garden and Mickey and I set out to…”

  • #26 (To be updated)

#27: Peaceful Meadow, near Goofy’s Stall

“…amusing rivalry lately… Scrooge can’t for the life of him figure out why Goofy’s Stall is more profitable… Goofy started trying to help, and that’s going about as funnily as Goofy’s help always does.”

#28: Dazzle Beach, inside the Cursed Cave

“Ursula move to the Beach. Merlin is concerned, but I think it’s a good thing. As the old saying goes: Keep your friends close, and your dangerous Sea Witch associates in nearby caves where you can watch them.”

#29: Forest of Valor, near the path to the Plaza

“Of course I love the Valley. I always will. But lately… so distracted, and there are so many other things I need to…”

#30: Anna’s castle, far end of the library

“This castle is where Elsa lives. No, wait; that’s wrong. Only her sister lives there. Annie? Angela? Why can’t I remember her name?”

#31: Glade of Trust, southeast corner

“… I swear there was a house somewhere near here. Who did it belong to? They were one of my friends; how could I…”

#32: Frosted Heights, east side, near the pond

“Loneliness is safe. If I am alone, then no one can ever leave me again.”

#33: Forest of Valor, north side, near Elsa’s house

“I cannot sleep. The vines will grow around me. As I walk, they grow in my footsteps.”

#34: Forgotten Lands, south side, near the boulder

“I feel like there’s a hole inside of me. No. I feel like I am mostly a hole, with just a small bit of the person I once was. I’m only enough of a person to feel alone.”

#35: Sunlit Plateau, near the Elephant Graveyard

“Loneliness is sharp. It cuts me like glass in my fingers. But it’s much more awful than broken glass because I cannot see it, or avoid it.”

#36: Donald’s quest, talk to Donald after he returns to the Valley from the Dark Grove

“Loneliness is cold. My mind is numb with solitude. My thoughts are sluggish and dull. I think I could warm myself if I could talk to someone. But there’s no one here.”

#37: Dazzle Beach, northeastern side, near the entrance to the Cursed Cave

I fell asleep under a tree. When I woke up, I couldn’t move. Purple vines had grown around and over me. Their thorns cut me, but they could not cut me as painfully as loneliness, so I pulled myself free.”

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