Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Weapon Tier List (August 2022)

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Weapons Ranked from Best to Worst

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Weapon Tier List

To get the most out of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, knowing the best weapons to use in different situations is critical, and following the launch of the Expansion, the previous rankings for weapons on the tier list have been revised. As such, Here’s our Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Weapon Tier List, ranked according to how efficient it is.

MH Rise Sunbreak Weapon Tier List




Great Sword, Light Bowgun, Switch Axe, Heavy Bowgun


Bow, Long Sword, Dual Blades, Charge Blade, Sword & Shield, Insect Glaive


Hammer, Hunting Horn


Lance, Gunlance

All the weapons in the pool have been divided into 4 categories based on the current meta to help you make the best choice, with the S-Tier ranked as the highest, to the C-Tier as the least.

Basically all the weapons come with their own techniques that give them an added use, but none of them is pretty much unplayable. Some weapons are incredibly simple to use while still dealing a significant amount of damage.

Disclaimer: We recognize that the order of these tiers is subjective and that your expectations may differ from ours. Any weapon you utilize will be highly effective if you are able to acquire a sufficient level of expertise with it.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak S-Tier Weapons

With their high damage output and unique attack style, these are the greatest weapons in the game.

Great Sword

Great Sword - Monster Hunter Sunbreak Weapons

The Great Sword is the only weapon in the game that allows you to stay in the fight longer than any other. Regardless of how many slashes you land without charging, you’ll out-damage most other weapons.

Strongarm Stance, one of the greatest improvements to the Great Sword, allows users to counterattack an enemy move quickly and effectively with a charged attack. As a result, the Great Sword has received a huge performance boost.

Great Sword Strengths

Compared to other weapons, the Great Sword has the most devastating power. A single strike can slay weaker monsters. Players can also use its charge strikes to inflict even more devastating damage. In addition to being a weapon, the Great Sword can also be used as a shield.

Great Sword Weaknesses

When faced with a variety of powerful monsters, using the Great Sword may prove difficult due to its limited mobility. Timing an enemy’s attack and attacking when you see a gap in their defenses is preferable. It will take time and practice to master the Great Sword, but the enormous damage output is well worth the effort.

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Light Bowgun

Light Bowgun - Monster Hunter Sunbreak Weapons

Light Bowgun is one of the most favored by mobility in Monster Hunter Rise. With the Wyvern Counter and the ability to battle from a distance, this weapon has one of the finest defenses in the game.

Sticky and Slicing ammo nerfs in Sunbreak have typically reduced the Light BowGun’s firepower, although the new Tune Up skill can make up for it, which  is designed to offset and reduce the nerf’s effects on Light BowGun modifications.

Light Bowgun Strengths

The Light Bowgun’s attack speed is significantly higher than that of the Heavy Bowgun. In addition, the light bowgun can be an excellent support weapon since t here is a wide variety of ammunition available and may be fired at a long distance. It’s also a great choice if you want to deal elemental damage and apply status effects to your enemies.

Light Bowgun Weaknesses

Light Bowguns have poor attack power and require a significant investment in order to be made more powerful by upgrading them further.

Switch Axe

Switch Axe - Monster Hunter Sunbreak Weapons

Attacking and defending are equally effective with the Switch Axe. But the sheer quantity of burst windows sets it apart from its competitors.

In order to get the most out of your Amp Gauge, Elemental Burst Counter is a simple solution. It can even counter roars so that you can start every hunt with a full Amp Gauge. Perhaps it’s now the most potent offensive and defensive skill in the game.

Switch Axe Strengths

Switch Axe is a great weapon since it has two forms, allowing players to enjoy a unique battle experience. You have the option of using the weapon as an axe or a sword. Despite its powerful assaults, the weapon is best suited for offense rather than defense because of its excellent combos.

Switch Axe Weaknesses

The disadvantage of using a Switch Axe is that it quickly loses sharpness and cannot stop an opponent’s attacks, leaving you unprotected and vulnerable.

Heavy Bowgun

Heavy Bowgun - Monster Hunter Sunbreak Weapons

This weapon earned its place at the top of the tier list because of its Armor Piercing ammunition. Now, with Crouching Shot and Wire Bug movement, the Heavy Bowgun provides huge damage while still retaining the reactive movement that makes it such a deadly weapon. 

Heavy Bowgun Strengths

Massive damage from explosive ammo makes the Heavy Bowgun one of the most lethal weapons, and players can modify their own heavy bowgun build by choosing from a variety of different ammunition types. In addition, certain types of ammunition would allow for additional functionality, such as healing and protection.

Heavy Bowgun Weaknesses

The weapon’s restricted mobility may make it more difficult to dodge attacks. Limited ammo capacity and slow speed during sheathing/unsheathing are also drawbacks.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak A-Tier Weapons

One of the best weapons available for combating a wide variety of monsters but can still be outclassed by other weapons due to a minor issue.


Bow - Monster Hunter Sunbreak Weapons

Wire Bugs and talents are a major part of Sunbreak’s gameplay, and the Bow’s ability to dodge while dealing damage elevates it to A Tier. The Bow’s Stake Thrust is a superb move and You probably won’t find a better weapon in the game for taking on Master Rank hunts without fear of getting hit.

Bow Strengths

For its fast attack speed and long range, the bow is a good choice for most situations. As an added bonus, it has a significant amount of elemental damage and players can unleash arrows without fear of running out of ammo.

Bow Weaknesses

In early game, bows do little damage and require a lot of investment to improve their skills. Charged attacks use more Stamina, so be careful not to overdo it.

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Long Sword

Long Sword - Monster Hunter Sunbreak Weapons

Although it is is still one of the still one of the most popular weapons, the Long Sword has been demoted from S-tier since its most powerful new skills take down its mobility. Even if you can still readily build a Spirit Gauge, it is possible that you will no longer have the opportunity to use it.

Long Sword Strengths

Due to its great damage output, the Long Sword is ideal for delivering powerful attacks. Combos fill the spirit gauge, which increases in size after each one, allowing players to unleash devastating blows from afar.

Long Sword Weaknesses

This weapon’s combos and spirit gauge need practice, and it may be too slow to deal with fast-moving foes.

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Dual Blades

Dual Blades - Monster Hunter Sunbreak Weapons

Fast-paced and furious assaults make up for Dual Blade’s lack of raw damage output. When you’re a Dual Blades player and you see your multiple double-digit damage figures come up, yet a Charge Blade or Switch Axe player effortlessly dumps a lot of damage in a single hit, it’s annoying. It doesn’t even have the updated skills to keep this weapon in the same league as other melee weapons.

Dual Blades Strengths

High mobility and easier combos make the Dual Blades ideal for delivering swift and ferocious damage. Top it off with the Demon and Archdemon modes that can do a lot of damage.

Dual Blades Weaknesses

To many bosses, its short-range strikes leave you exposed, and it loses sharpness quickly due to multiple hits.

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Charge Blade

Charge Blade - Monster Hunter Sunbreak Weapons

Ideally, the Charge Blade should be able to compete with the Switch Axe. For this and other reasons, it’s ranked lower than it should be. The combos of the Charge Blade have been streamlined. High-tier, although it can’t compete with the likes of the Greatsword or Switch Axe in terms of versatility and damage.

Charge Blade Strengths

The weapon has two modes, both of which have a substantial impact on gameplay. Sword and shield mode can give players a lot of flexibility in terms of both defense and offense. Long-range attacks are made easier with the devastating axe mode.

Charge Blade Weaknesses

The Axe mode has a limited attack speed and mobility, but it is still quite lethal. Though it relies on phials to charge up to deliver high damage.

Sword & Shield

Sword & Shield - Monster Hunter Sunbreak Weapons

Sword and Shield, perhaps the most unchanged weapon in Sunbreak, is still a powerful mid-tier weapon. Inexperienced fighters or those who are taking on a new enemy should use it. But if you’re searching for something more exciting to play with, you should definitely change your weapon of choice. 

Sword & Shield Strengths

With Sword and Shield as  your weapon, you can utilize things like heals and buffs without sheathing your sword. Additionally, Falling Bash and Perfect Rush Combo, when combined with status-affecting skills and high elemental damage, can deal enormous amounts of damage.

Sword & Shield Weaknesses

The weapon’s damage output isn’t very high, but it’s still a solid choice for new players who have the ability to shield themselves from monsters. Also, its attacks are short-ranged and its Sharpness is easily depleted.

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Insect Glaive

Insect Glaive - Monster Hunter Sunbreak Weapons

Users of the Insect Glaive have been enjoying the freedom and adaptability that comes with flying through the air in Monster Hunter games for years. However, the innate verticality and Wire Bugs of the Glaive have made it nearly indistinguishable from any other weapon. The Insect Glaive received some significant improvements in Sunbreak, but its low mobility keeps it firmly in the A Tier.

Insect Glaive Strengths

It’s hard to beat the Insect Glaive for airborne strikes. Attacks can be launched quickly and from a variety of angles. Moreover, the weapon has a broad range and can be utilized for a variety of buffs.

Insect Glaive Weaknesses

When purchased from the blacksmith, Kinsects can dramatically increase your powers. However, the drawback is that you’ll need a good number of Kinsects in your inventory. It also does not shield against monster attacks, and its buffs have a limited duration.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak B-Tier Weapons

There are certain drawbacks to these weapons, but can still provide some powerful support features that can really help you out while fighting monsters.


Hammer - Monster Hunter Sunbreak Weapons

The Hammer still feels like a “situational” weapon, even though its overall simplicity of use and damage have been improved in Sunbreak. Stand by the Monster’s head and lock it in a trance for as long as you can. Because Sunbreak doesn’t include Rise’s strongest abilities like Spinning Bludgeon and Impact Burst.

Hammer Strengths

The Hammer’s great damage output makes it an effective tool for slaying monsters. The hammer can stun monsters with its powerful hits, allowing you to quickly defeat them. Despite being a heavy weapon, mobility is superb, and players will not be restricted by slow attack speeds. It is one of the greatest weapons for beginners in Monster Hunter Rise to use.

Hammer Weaknesses

When utilizing this weapon, keep in mind that it has short ranged strikes and cannot cause severing damage. It is also necessary to perfect timing in order to fight creatures precisely.

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Hunting Horn

Hunting Horn - Monster Hunter Sunbreak Weapons

It’s hard to find another weapon quite like the Hunting Horn in the game. Combos can force you to do things you don’t want to do in order to complete them, but they can provide unexpected damage. The Hunting Horn has so many uses in Multiplayer that it’d be a mistake not to include it in your party. In terms of multiplayer, HH would be at the top of this tier list. In any case, it’s still in B due to the problems it has from within.

Hunting Horn Strengths

Players can use this to buff themselves and their teammates, in addition to dealing good damage. The Hunting Horn is a fantastic choice for Multiplayer due to its support capabilities. F Infurthermore, despite the weapon’s bluntness, the hilt/stab attack can be used to cut the monsters and  Using the Hunting horn’s support features can considerably increase the horn’s movement speed.

Hunting Horn Weaknesses

When using the hunting horn, you’ll note that the animations are sluggish and leave you open to attacks. It also has less precision when attacking and cannot block monster strikes.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak C-Tier Weapons

They are ranked below in the tier list because of their limited potential and high requirements. Consider whether or not they’re a good fit before choosing this for your hunt.


Lance - Monster Hunter Sunbreak Weapons

The Lance feels sluggish in a game that emphasizes movement and mobility. Despite its high skill ceiling, the Lance feels out of place in Sunbreak, when nearly every weapon has been made simpler. It’s still a powerful weapon, but with a lackluster set of new abilities, it’s no longer as potent as it once was. Prior to Lance’s demise, it was one of the series’ most powerful weapons.

Lance Strengths

The Lance has a long blade that can hit monsters from a considerable distance. In addition to its high damage output, the Lance’s block capability makes it an excellent defensive weapon. This sharp blade would also make it possible for precision attacks on the weak point of a monster and makes it simple for players to counterattack.

Lance Weaknesses

Using a Lance may need a significant amount of additional practice due to its slow attack speed and its poking attack style. A significant amount of work needs to be put in before one may achieve consistency.

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Gunlance - Monster Hunter Sunbreak Weapons

Like the Lance, the Gun Lance has mobility limitations. Even if the new Bullet Barrage ability is excellent, you’ll still struggle to deal consistent damage if you don’t use it or can’t land it. Again, the Gun Lance has a very high skill ceiling, but in a game where evading and simple combos are paramount, the Gun Lance feels like an outdated weapon.

Gunlance Strengths

The Gunlance has powerful defensive capabilities and may shield its user from attacks.  In addition to this, its explosive shooting attacks are quite powerful and may deal a significant amount of damage,  Players also have access to a respectable range.

Gunlance Weaknesses

The disadvantage of using Gunlance is that Shelling has a substantial negative impact on its sharpness, and players are unable to penetrate through monsters.

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