Furious Rajang Guide – Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

All you need to know to hunt the Furious Rajang in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

Furious Rajang Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak featured

Furious Rajang is a fanged beast in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak and a more powerful variant of Rajang. Having lost its tail, it only grew more powerful and aggressive. This time, players will experience the raw power of a Furious Rajang who has lost its weakness.

In this guide, we’ll talk about Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s Furious Rajang and share some tips on how to survive and succeed in its hunts.

Furious Rajang Characteristics

The Furious Rajang has a gorilla like structure with demon horns and sharp fangs. Unlike the ordinary Rajang, the fur of the Furious Rajang is almost completely golden. Its default appearance make it seem as if the Furious Rajang is permanently in rage mode, but it can still be enraged even more any time making it a dangerous foe.

The Furious Rajang is always in its powered up mode. It will always be aggressive and strike fast. It can even enter a more powerful mode any time during a hunt.

When it enrages, the fur on the Furious Rajang’s back glows yellow. And its fur constantly emits electricity. Its arms (frontal legs) also turn red. This is the Furious Rajang’s Rampage Mode which is even more powerful than its default Rage mode. Unless you have wounded it, you will be unable to damage its arms. You’ll also have no tail to attack. Instead, attacking the Furious Rajang’s head will make Rampage mode end quicker.

  • Element: Thunder
  • Ailment: Thunderblight
  • HP: 21,090 to 53,833 points
Furious Rajang Characteristics - Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Furious Rajang Weaknesses

  • Weak Points – Head, Front Leg
  • Elemental/Ailment Weakness – Ice
  • Elemental/Ailment Resistance – Fire, Water, Thunder, Dragon
  • Resistant Points – Hind Legs

The Furious Rajang no longer has a tail, hence why it’s always in its enraged state. During the early levels aim for its Front Legs as you won’t be able to damage it in its Rampage Mode if you haven’t wounded it prior. It constantly moves around, making attacks to the Head challenging to pull off.

When hunting a Furious Rajang, your best weapons are Great Swords, Hammers, Light Bowguns & Heavy Bowguns. Weak points take more damage from these weapons. You should still go with a weapon you’re comfortable with as you’ll need a lot of mobility to dodge the Furious Rajang’s attacks.

It should be noted that the Furious Rajang’s head can be broken twice. It will be difficult to land a hit with the Great Sword, but the Hammer and the two Bowguns can have an easier time.

Furious Rajang Moves

The Furious Rajang strikes fast and strikes hard. It’s permanently in a Rage state making it always aggressive. Once it enters Rampage mode, it becomes nigh unstoppable.

  • Body Slam: Furious Rajang will raise its hands in the air and body slam forward.
  • Left Haymaker: It will growl and wildly swing with its left frontal leg.
  • Circle Swing: Furious Rajang will punch the ground with its left frontal leg and sweep 225 degrees with its right frontal leg. This will most likely occur if you are behind it.
  • Dash & Jab: Furious Rajang will dash forward quickly and jab with its left frontal leg.
  • Wild Swings: It will unleash a flurry of wild swings with its frontal legs before it swings for the last time with its left. On Rampage Mode, the final swing will cause electricity to discharge from the ground.
  • Goat Kicker: It will use its hind legs to kick whoever is behind it.
  • Electricity Orbs: Furious Rajang will jump backwards into the air and spit out three electricity balls in front. After a short period, it will explode dealing damage in a small radius.
  • Bull Charge: Furious Rajang will scream before charging forward with its horns like a bull.
  • Energy Blast: Furious Rajang will growl while hopping, sending out a blast of pure energy that is hard to dodge.
  • Spin Forward: It will spin 360 degrees forward damaging anything in its path.
  • Rock Throw: Furious Rajang will dip its frontal legs beneath the ground and throw out miniature boulders in front.
  • Electric Spin Charge: Once Furious Rajang enters Rampage Mode, it can charge forward while spinning
  • Mid Air Charge: On Rampage Mode, it will jump in the air and charge forward spinning into the ground.
  • Amplified Back Dodge: On Rampage Mode, it will jump back and bury its arms into the ground. Electricity will run up a line.
  • Pin Attack: Furious Rajang will pin a hunter and deal heavy damage around it including the one pinned. This attack will inflict Thunderblight and most likely Stun you. However it cannot actually kill and players will be left with 1 HP at least.

How to Beat Furious Rajang in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

  • Furious Rajang is weak against Ice element and its weakness is facing front, its head and front legs.
  • When it enters Rampage Mode, attack its head to end this mode faster.
  • When inflicted with Thunderblight, dodge roll to lose its effect duration by one second.
  • Furious Rajang will destroy Shock Traps when in Rampage Mode and ignore Pitfall Traps when not in Rampage. It will still be able to attack you even when its caught by a Pitfall trap.
  • Avoid the Furious Rajang’s pin attack, this will take more than 50% of your health if you’re caught. You should use Flash Pods to free any hunters who are caught by the Furious Rajang’s pin before it unleashes a heavy attack that will deal damage around.
  • It frequently has turf wars with other monsters. Let them fight it out.
  • You should be packing a lot of Nulberry and the Thunder Proof Mantle. Being inflicted with Thunderblight will make you more susceptible to Stun effects.
How to Beat Furious Rajang in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

There are two phases when fighting the Furious Rajang:

  • Enraged Normal – Furious Rajang First Phase
  • Rampage Mode – Furious Rajang Second Phase

Enraged Normal – Furious Rajang First Phase

The Furious Rajang is permanently in an enraged state. It will be aggressive and mobile. You will have a hard time trying to dodge its attacks as they usually have very little indication that they’re about to charge and attack. Furious Rajang will use multiple different attacks to take you out. You should use this phase to get used to its attack patterns.

Rampage Mode – Furious Rajang Second Phase

Furious Rajang can enter Rampage Mode any time so there’s no clear indication when it will do so. You will know it entered Rampage Mode because its arms will glow red and electricity will start to spew out of its back. During this mode, the Furious Rajang’s attacks will be amplified with electricity. It will become even more aggressive making it difficult to hit. Avoiding its electrified attacks is important otherwise you’re at risk of being inflicted with Thunderblight.

Target the head of the Furious Rajang to get it to end its Rampage Mode quickly. This will put you at a lot of risk however as most attacks from it are from its front. You’ll only have a second to counter attack once it’s finished its previous attack animation.

Furious Rajang Drops

  • Rajang Apoplexy
  • Rajang Hardclaw
  • Rajang Hardhorn
  • Gold Rajang Pelt +
  • Rajang Heart
  • Ghoulish Gold Gorer

Furious Rajang Armor

The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Furious Rajang Armor is a Rarity Level 12 Master Rank Armor Set.

The Furious Rajang Set can be crafted with the following:

  • 120,000 zenny
  • Rajang Apoplexy x10
  • Ghoulish Gold Gorer x3
  • Gold Rajang Pelt + x6
  • Rajang Heart x1
  • Rajang Hardhorn x4
  • Large Elder Dragon Gem x1
  • Rajang Hardclaw x8
  • Fulgur Anjanath Mantle x1
  • Velkhana Crystal x1
  • Large Wyvern Gem x1

Furious Rajang Set Skills

  • Grand God’s Peer Mask Alpha +
    • Earplugs Lv3
    • Heroic Lv3
  • Grand God’s Peer Garbs Alpha +
    • Maximum Might Lv3
    • Earplugs Lv2
  • Grand God’s Peer Arms Alpha +
    • Stamina Surge Lv2
    • Defense Boost Lv3
  • Grand God’s Peer Belt Alpha +
    • Maximum Might Lv2
    • Heroics Lv2
  • Grand God’s Peer Feet Alpha +
    • Health Boost Lv3
    • Heroics Lv2

Furious Rajang Layered Armor

  • Research Commission Ticket + x2
  • Rajang Hearth x1
  • Spiritvein Solidbone x5
  • Great Spiritvein Gem x1
  • 4,000 Research Points

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