Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Best Weapon For Solos

Players who want to hunt alone in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak should learn the best weapons to take with them.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Best Weapon For Solos Featured

Players are looking for the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak best weapon for solos. Some hunters prefer to be lone wolves. Maybe it’s the pure focus and freedom from being staggered by your own teammates weapons when fighting or just the lack of access to anyone else playing the game. Either way, let’s talk about the best weapon for solos in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Best Weapons for Solos

Here are the best weapons for Solos in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak:

  1. Dual Blades
  2. Long Sword
  3. Insect Glaive
Dual Blades Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Best Weapon For Solos

Dual Blades

The best weapon for solos in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is the Dual Blades. Long considered to be a fan favorite among the masses, the Dual Blades strike fast giving you high mobility to do a large damage output in such a short amount of time. The catch is that you have to closely monitor your stamina.

The Dual Blades have been considered to be one of the most “anime” inspired weapons right next to the Long Blade. Its “Naruto-run” animation when entering Demon stands out. And its midair spinning blade dance have caused many to compare it to a certain character from Attack on Titan.

Overall an amazing weapon for players who love to play aggressively which is what most solo hunters should often do. If you want to hunt solo, look no further than wielding the Dual Blades.

Dual Blades Strengths

Dual Blades are certainly a great aesthetic choice for both new and veteran hunters alike. If you like to pester monsters with quick nonstop barrage of attacks, then this weapons is an enticing pick. Dual Blades are also great for inflicting status effects and elemental damage which are great for players seeking to take advantage of monster weaknesses.

Dual Blades Weaknesses

The Dual Blades aren’t infallible weapons and do come with their own weaknesses. Because of its high attack speed, it will lose sharpness quicker than most weapons in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. You’ll also have to monitor your stamina because it consumes a lot especially during Demon Mode. The Dual Blades are also one of the shortest reaching weapons in the game.

Long Sword Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Best Weapon For Solos

Long Sword

Long Swords are a close second pick. They could be considered the long ranged alternative of the above with their long reaching strikes dealing quite the damage. Experienced players tend to go for the Helm Break ability of the Long Sword to take down larger monsters. This weapon is a great pick for solos due to its high counterattack potential.

The Long Sword has been one of the most popular picks in any Monster Hunter game to date and it’s only become stronger since its return in Rise Sunbreak. A great pick for players who like to play aggressive but also has quite a lot of reactive options for counter attacking. Its long reach means that players can reliably land attacks from most distances.

An aggressive long reaching weapon that’s great for players who want the speed of the Dual Blades, but with more power and reach.

Long Sword Strengths

Long Swords are great for players who like to deal massive damage and look cool while doing it. Unlike the Dual Blades, you don’t have to put a lot of effort into calculating distances. Your Spirit Gauge is also encourages an aggressive playstyle as filling it allows you to deal even more damage. Veteran players tend to default to the Helm Breaker ability whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Long Sword Weaknesses

The Long Sword relies on its Spirit Gauge for damage dealing. Without filling up its bar, you won’t deal good damage meaning that you constantly have to be aggressive without pause. Despite its counterattack abilities, this weapon doesn’t have any guarding abilities meaning that if you time your counterattack wrong, you’ll be taking damage.

Insect Glaive Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Best Weapon For Solos

Insect Glaive

Insect Glaives are one of the most fun weapons to use. Players can avoid attacks while in the air and deal damage while staying mobile. The buffs you get from your insect also make this a very enticing pick for solo hunters.

Insect Glaives put you up in the air. Many veterans use this to avoid attacks and dash in for an attack. Insect Glaives are even more mobile than the Dual Blades allowing for deadly air strikes while being on the move. Sunbreak has only added more moves which makes this weapon deadly in the hands of Solo hunters.

A high mobility weapon with a unique feature that lets players remain airborne for the longest time.

Insect Glaive Strengths

The Insect Glaive is a very mobile and accurate weapon, keeping you safe in the air while you have control. You’ll find it very easy to land hits and its Kinsect ability to gain buffs from enemies gives it a lot of boost for added aggression. Players who know how to use the Insect Glaive properly will rarely get hit while in the air and with the addition of the Wirebug in Rise, there is now more opportunities to get remain flight.

Insect Glaive Weaknesses

The Insect Glaive suffers without Kinsect extracts and it can quickly lose sharpness. You also have no guarding options leaving your vulnerable if you miss a dodge, though you can mitigate that by remaining in the air. Glaive users are dependent on Kinsect extracts which means they constantly have to keep buffing up in the middle of a fight.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

In reality, your mileage may vary on which weapons are the best for you. Personally, I prefer the Insect Glaive as the skies allow me to avoid taking damage while dishing it out. Check out our Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Monster List for the latest monsters you’ll be facing in the expansion.

Learning to pick your lot from any of these weapons is important as it takes a considerable amount of time to mastering one. If you’re planning on playing solo for long term, then consider wielding one of the weapons above as your main pick.

We hope you enjoyed our Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Best Weapon For Solos guide and hope you found this article to be informative. For more Monster Hunter Rise content, stay with us longer because we have more articles you’ll find useful.

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