Steelrising: Is there A New Game Plus?

Is there A New Game Plus in Steelrising

Steelrising: Is there A New Game Plus?

Steelrising is one of the dark horse types of games that no one ever expected to see this month. Its gameplay of it has attracted many gamers who love playing Dark Souls or Bloodbourne titles. The reviews of the game are great and it is worthy enough to have DLC content that should be added in the near future. With so much to offer, many gamers are wondering about what features are hidden in this game. We, of Sirus Gaming, have some answers to some of them and one of them is about the question, “Is there a new game plus in Steelrising?”

Is there A New Game Plus?

Steelrising: Is there A New Game Plus?

With so much that Steelrising has to offer, sadly there isn’t a new game plus mode in the game. Technically, players who have finished the game must make a new game save file and continue playing the game from the start with a different. Carrying over achievements from the previous cleared save file can’t be done so players must start all over.

If there is a chance, the developers should add a new update to have a new game plus feature plus add more enemies in this game to make things challenging for players to explore since this game has much to offer including me.

Steelrising is out now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S as well as on GeForce Now. For more articles related to Steelrising click the following articles below to see what this game has to offer players worldwide: