Trek To Yomi Collectible Artifact Locations (Chapter 5)

All Chapter 5 Artifact locations in Trek to Yomi

In Trek to Yomi, there are a variety of Artifacts that may be found throughout the game. These Artifacts give a deeper understanding of the Japanese culture and the environment of the game. Each of the game’s chapters contains about a dozen or fewer collectibles, so you’ll want to keep an eye out for them as you go through each chapter and kill enemies.

In this Guide, we’ll walk you through where you can find all the Artifacts in Trek to Yomi Chapter 5. Also check out our full Trek to Yomi Chapter 5 Missions Walkthrough.

What are the Artifacts that can be collected in Chapter 5?

There are 8 Chapter 5 Artifacts in Trek to Yomi that you can collect by sequence:

  • Great Thunder
  • Cleaving Thunder
  • Earth Thunder
  • Black Thunder
  • Couchant Thunder
  • Roaring Thunder
  • Young Thunder
  • Fire Thunder / Raijin

Great Thunder

At the beginning of the chapter, you’ll immediately find the artifact by the rocks to your left, lying on the ground.

Cleaving Thunder

The artifact can be found after dealing with the ghost. Go on to the next room after that, then turn left. The Cleaving Thunder is perched atop a box near some flowers in the lower left corner of the screen.

Earth Thunder

Once you complete the second puzzle and eliminate the enemies, climb up the ledge on your right side to access the next screen transfer. The artifact can be found in a box by the cart before you descend the stairs.

Black Thunder

Continue right through the dojo combat area to reach a room with a shrine that you can freely wander about in after you’ve made an alternate path using the movable blocks. Just keep going right through the next combat chamber with a statue. You’ll find a big urn at the end, take some steps forward and you’ll find the artifact in the large urn by the pillar.

Couchant Thunder

Continuing ahead, you’ll see a large room furnished with several statues, candles, and a shrine. As soon as you can, turn right and explore the stairwa. The artifact can be found at the bottom of the screen, behind a brazier pillar.

Roaring Thunder

There are two half-open doors throughout this area after the Sadatame boss fight, continue through the huge door that opens. Turn left before the second huge door in the hall with the two large pillars to find a shrine and the artifact on top of a crate.

Young Thunder

Continue walking up the stairs after you have completed the boat puzzle and you will come upon another puzzle. Stand on the left pressure plate in order to lift the shattered ground. Whenever a new section of the floor surfaces, quickly move towards to the right pressure plate to find the artifact sitting right next to it.

Fire Thunder / Raijin

On your way past the previous Artifact, you’ll have to deal with some enemies and a wraith. After the encounter, you will need to ascend three floors up using the stairs. The artifact may be found on the ground to the left at the foot of the third set of stairs.

That concludes your search for Chapter 5 Artifacts in Trek to Yomi. If you like this guide, check out our other Trek to Yomi articles here.

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