How to Get Pristine Hide in V Rising

A complete guide on Where to Find and Farm Pristine Hide in V RIsing.

How to Get Pristine Hide in V Rising

Pristine Hide in V Rising is a crafting reagent that is necessary to produce a material that is going to be important for your late-game gears. At some point, you’ll want to craft better weapons and armor to assist you take on more difficult foes, notably late-game bosses.

Being aware on where to get Pristine Hide in V Rising and how to acquire this material is going to prove to be extremely useful. In this guide, you’ll learn how to get this resource, where to find the necessary components, and much more.

How to Get Pristine Hide in V Rising?

You’ll need Pristine Hide to make Pristine Leather, and Pristine Leather is required to create the Dawnthorn Set which is the first late-game gear. Adding to this, you’ll also need Fish Oil, you can check out our guide on How to Get Fish Oil to make Pristine Leather. However, you must first build a Tannery Workstation in order to begin crafting this resource.

How to Build a Tannery

Building the Tannery for the first time requires a recipe that you can only get by killing Keely the Frost Archer, a level 20 V Blood Boss.

Utilize your Blood Altar to find the Keely the Frost Archer’s location. Here you may see every V Blood Carrier that has ever appeared in the game. Scroll down and find this boss, then click Track Blood, which will lead you to where its currently spawned.

Build a Tannery - V Rising

Players that follow the trail will eventually arrive at the Bandit Trapper Camp in Farbane Woods. You can find these camps either East of the Forgotten Cemetery and west of the Farbane Woods Waygate.

If you got what you needed, head back to you base and build the Tannery, which requires the following materials:

  • Plank x8
  • Animal Hide x160

The Planks are crafted in the Sawmill, whereas the Animal Hides are obtained by killing creatures, which spawn all throughout Farbane Woods.

Where to Farm Pristine Hide in V Rising

The only way to get Pristine Hide is to kill werewolves, which only appear at night, so don’t go looking for them during the day and risk getting roasted. Werewolves can be found in the Dunley Farmlands, particularly in the areas to the south-east of the map.

However, the best place for players to farm Pristine Hide is in Gloomgrave Village, a small hamlet in the northeastern corner of Dunley Farmlands. Since the Werewolves of Gloomgrave Village are leveled at 60 or higher, we highly suggest you to wait until you have a high enough Gear Level before venturing here, which is about 55 or higher depending on your skill level. It’s possible to run into Willfred the Werewolf Chief as well, a Level 64 V Blood Carrier which drops the Vampire Power Heart Strike and the Holy Resistance Flask Recipe.

Check the map below for the specific location of Gloomgrave Village in Dunley Farmlands:

Where to Farm Pristine Hide in V Rising

Gloomgrave Village’s werewolves tend to attack in packs, but if you’re prepared, you may expect to collect roughly 100 Pristine Hides for every werewolf you kill.

You can also find Fish Oil by destroying wooden crate barrels that are littered in the village. This will allow you to farm the required components that you’ll need in order to craft Pristine Leather, so make sure to include these during your grind.

How to Craft Pristine Leather in V Rising?

With the Tannery built, interact with it and make 1 Pristine Leather by simply throwing in 15 Pristine Hides & 3 Fish Oils into the Input section of the Tannery window.

How to Craft Pristine Leather in V Rising

As such, Pristine Leather is a great material for crafting high-quality armor for yourself and your servants. You’ll want to equip your servants with Pristine Leather armor so that they can better protect your castle during a Castle Siege.

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