Where to Place the Crystal Key in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Crystal Key cover

The Crystal Key is one of the key quest items in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Given by Ursula under a sketchy deal, this key unlocks one of the secrets hidden under the Valley. But how can the key be used?

In this guide, we will talk about the Crystal Key and find the location where it can be used on.

With Great Power… quest

How to get the Crystal Key

The Crystal Key is part of Merlin’s quest called “With Great Power…” where after restoring the Pillar of Friendship, you will be led to explore the cursed cave over at Dazzle Beach to where the dark figure was last seen.

Inside the cursed cave, you will meet Ursula and after talking to her, she offers you a deal as part of her help in fighting off the Forgetting. Ursula then gives you the Crystal Key in order to open a door leading to a cave.

Mystical Cave location

Where to use the Crystal Key in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To use the Crystal Key, just head over to the closed cave entrance over at Dazzle Beach, not too far away from the cursed cave.

Key Pedestal

You’ll then see a pedestal near the entrance where you can place the Crystal Key on top of. Once done, the door to the Mystical Cave will be opened.

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