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A guide on how to defeat Espinas in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

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Espinas is one of the returning monsters in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. It is one of the very few Frontier monsters that got added in a main Monster Hunter game along with Lavasioth which was added in Freedom Unite in 2009. This thorny yet sleepy monster will be part of the hunting list once more, and though it only plays a small part in Sunbreak’s story, fans are already hoping and speculating if other Frontier monsters will also find themselves added in the main series, too.

In this guide, we will talk about Espinas and share some tips on how to make the hunt for it more manageable.

Espinas Characteristics

Espinas is a flying wyvern that has a dark green base color, accented by red spikes in some parts of its body. It has fire element attacks, but its breath can cause poison, paralysis, and fireblight at the same time, making it a fatal mistake to get caught in its fireblast.

Espinas is quite an unusual monster since it doesn’t react as abruptly to small attacks from hunters or from other monsters like how most large monsters do, thanks to its thick hide and its spikes that provide it some protection.

When it enters its rage state, parts of Espinas’ body will glow bright red due to its blood vessels getting more blood as it becomes more aggressive and deadly.


Espinas Weaknesses

  • Weak Points – Legs
  • Elemental/Ailment Weakness – Ice, Blast
  • Elemental/Ailment Resistance – Fire, Poison
  • Resistant Points – Back
  • Tail severable?: Yes

Espinas is weakest to the ice element, so consider using weapons with such elements, or prime Starburst bugs in the area with an ice weapon and make Espinas crash on to them.

Since its legs are its weakpoints, hitting them will not be a problem. The legs are also more susceptible to shot damage compared to the other two, so gunners can provide support fire from afar.

Espinas Moves

Espinas has several moves and most of its attacks are similar to other flying wyverns like Rathalos and Rathian. Listed below are the most notable moves in its move set.

  • Poisonous Fireball: Espinas will spit out a flaming blob of poison at its target. Once hit, the target will get poisoned, paralyzed, and fireblighted at the same time. In its enraged state, it can spit out multiple fireballs.
  • Jump Slam: It will jump up and slam to the ground to hit its target below it.
  • Triple Charge: It will start charging at a target, turn around and charge the same target until it completes three charges.
  • Double Head Fling: It will lower its head and drag it across the ground while moving forward and it does this twice. It can drag its head farther on the second fling to chase down its target.
  • Tail Slam: It slams its tail down to hit any hunters behind it.
  • Flame Barrage: Espinas will fly backwards while spitting out a bunch of poisonous fireballs in front of it. These fireballs also cause poison and paralysis.

How to Beat Espinas in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

  • Concentrate your attacks on its leg as this can also cause Espinas to trip often.
  • When Espinas is enraged, its body actually softens up so it becomes more susceptible to damage. Take this as an opportunity to use all incapacitating methods to deal the most damage at Espinas.
  • Out of all the three ailments that its fireball can inflict, it is recommended to gear up against paralysis, especially for solo hunters. This way, you can still evade any incoming attacks if ever you get hit by a fireball.
  • Use a Stinkmink to lure other monsters and deal massive damage to Espinas.

Espinas has two phases: normal and rage state.

Espinas Normal Phase

Espinas can often be found sleeping in its nest during the first encounter. Players can take the opportunity to plant their bombs and explosives to give Espinas an explosive awakening.

During this phase, its skin will be tough, so most attacks will have their damage reduced. However, hunters will have to be aware whenever it spits out its fireball and avoid it as much as possible.

Espinas Rage Phase

Once it enters its rage state, Espinas will start becoming more aggressive and it shows this by pumping more blood throughout its body, which is why parts of its body will take on a reddish color. Because of this, its tough skin becomes softer and attacks will deal more damage to it.

Hunters will have to be more careful in this phase as it can chain attacks even faster. In case someone is down due to a fireball, prepare to heal using a Life Powder or a Dust of Life or any other healing items and skills. Also, when caught by its Triple Charge, it’s best to lay down rather than immediately getting back up again as this may cause you to get hit once again.

Espinas Drops

Espinas drops these items:

  • Espinas Shard
  • Espinas Cortex
  • Espinas Toxic Blood
  • Espinas Lash
  • Espinas Surspike
  • Espinas Mantle
  • Espinas Hardhorn
  • Large Wyvern Tear

Espinas Armor

The Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Espinas Armor Set are Rarity Level 9 Master Rank Armor Set.

The Espinas Armor Set can be crafted with the following:

  • 80,000 zenny
  • Espinas Cortex x13
  • Espinas Hardhorn x3
  • Espinas Toxic Blood x4
  • Espinas Shard x11
  • Espinas Surspike x3
  • Espinas Mantle x1
  • Espinas Lash x1
  • Deadly Poison Sac x2
  • Monster Slogbone x2
  • Overgrown Stiffbone x3
  • Sapphiron Ore x2

Espinas Armor Set Skills

  • Espinas Brain
    • Paralysis Attack Lv3
    • Partbreaker Lv1
  • Espinas Muscle
    • Foray Lv1
    • Partbreaker Lv2
  • Espinas Vambrace
    • Foray Lv1
    • Protective Polish Lv2
    • Rapid Fire Up Lv1
  • Espinas Bowels
    • Agitator Lv2
    • Protective Polish Lv1
  • Espinas Heel
    • Foray Lv1
    • Flinch Free Lv2
    • Poison Attack Lv3

Espinas Layered Armor

The Espinas Layered Armor Set can be crafted with the following:

  • 16,000 zenny
  • Outfix Voucher+ x10
  • Shagaru Magala Points 6 pts/piece or 30 pts

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