God of War Ragnarok – The Eyes of Odin Favor Walkthrough

The eyes and ears of Odin are nowhere and everywhere at the same time

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Odin’s ravens have returned again to spy for the All-Father in God of War: Ragnarok. What we didn’t know, however, is that these unfortunate souls are being used against their will. This truth is found out by us with a little help from the squirrel who tends to the world tree. And once we knew the truth, finding and destroying the spectral ravens became a priority.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where you can find and destroy all 48 ravens that are present in the game. We will tell you what the rewards for freeing them are, courtesy of the lost ones who reside in Niflheim.

Eyes of Odin Favor Walkthrough

Before we get to get to the locations, here are a few things to note:

  • The ravens are louder now compared to 2018’s God of War. It doesn’t help you pinpoint the target but it greatly helps in letting you know that you are close to one.
  • The axe used to be the go-to when it comes to destroying ravens. I’d say the Draupnir Spear has surpassed its performance and more.
  • Some ravens require the use of environmental elements like Twilight Crystals and explosives.
  • It all boils down to the range. Some faraway ravens can be destroyed. If you arc your axe at a certain angle.
  • There is a certain order in which these birds can be destroyed. But once realm travel opens up and you are free to go about as you please, the order doesn’t matter anymore. So, I’ll go with the order in which I encounter on a per-world basis.
God of War Ragnarok Eyes of Odin Favor Walkthrough


  • The first raven in this world is the first you’ll encounter in the game. This one is just sitting on top of a rock pillar.
  • The second one is behind Odin’s statue at Nidavellir.
  • Raven 03 is circling the rock pillar in the center of the Bay of Bounty. Can be killed from the Watchtower as it flies by from the South.
  • Raven 04 is sitting on the hook over the waters near Radsvinn’s Rig.
  • Raven 05 is on the right side of the creature that has become Lyngbakr Island. You’ll need to crawl through a narrow space in order to get a clean shot with the axe.
  • Raven 06 is at the top of the cliff at the entrance of Althjor’s Rig
  • Raven 07 is in the skies above the Forge.
  • Raven 08 is flying around the Jarnsmida Pitmines after the train encounter with the Troll and other Grim.
  • Raven 09 is on one of the beams in the Applecore before entering the third chamber looking for Tyr. After solving the waterwheel puzzle and crossing the gap.

These ravens are those you have access to after you return to Svartalheim with Brok to forge the Draupnir Spear.

  • Raven 10 can be found sitting on a cliff edge not too far from where you stepped off after ascending to the top of the mountain in the Forge. Coming back with Brok.
  • Raven 11 can be found on the edge of a cliff next to a tree overlooking the second cave of Alberich Hollow. You’ll need to get a group of Grim first before you can get close to it.
  • Raven 12 can be found circling the bay East of Alberich Island. You’ll need to use a sonic arrow to destroy the rocks before having a shot at it.
  • Raven 13 can be destroyed by looking through the hole in the rock on the island South of Alberich Island.
God of War Ragnarok Eyes of Odin Favor Walkthrough


  • The first of this world’s Ravens is sitting on a tree branch on the way to the Temple of Light.
  • You’ll find the second one during the ascent toward the top of the Temple of Light. After Tyr provides you a way to get across the gap, ascend a little bit and you’ll see a drop-off area. To the right of the drop, you’ll be able to see the Raven. To destroy it, you’ll need to bounce your axe off of 2 Twight Stones. Don’t throw the axe until the guiding light turns bright blue.
  • Raven 03 is sitting on a perch overlooking the central light chamber. Easily visible as you are making your way to the room where you have knocked over the giant Elf statue. If you’ve entered the room, then you’ve missed it.
  • Raven 04 is flying in circles are the Canyons. Seen above the Dark Elf encampment. First visible after climbing up the canyon walls for the first tie. Hard to miss.
  • Raven 05 is perched in the Northeast in the Barrens inside the hollowed-out right eye of the massive skeleton of the desert creature.
  • Raven 06 can be found sitting on the branch of a dead tree near the forgotten tower North of the Barrens. Accessible only after completing the Secret of the Sands Favor.

These ravens are ones you can search for once you return from Vanaheim and have enchanted the chisel to write runes.

  • Raven 07 can be found flying in an 8 pattern in front of the monument dedicated to Freyr Northwest area of the Forbidden Sands.
  • Raven 08 is just sitting at the lip of a shallow elevated cave Southeast of the Burrows. If you’re encountering a frost elemental, then you’re in the right place.
  • Raven 09 is just behind a slumbering Troll in an unmarked location directly East in the Forbidden Sands region.
  • Raven 10 is flying in circles in the hidden cavern underneath the Light Elves’ library. To access the location where the raven is, you’ll need to punch the wall where a pile of dead dark elves is. This will open up the passage to the hidden cave.
God of War Ragnarok Eyes of Odin Favor Walkthrough


  • Raven 01 of the Southern Wilds is circling around a part of the river past a gate overgrown by vines. There is a chance that you might not see it the first time but it’s there.
  • The second one is sitting on a tree branch near a ship that’s wrapped in overgrown plantlife. First seen after taking a left by the statue North of Freyr’s Camp. You’ll need to aim a bit higher to compensate for the distance.
  • Raven 03 is moving side to side on the end of the River Delta, it can be destroyed after Kratos clears Pilgrim’s Landing up to the third island. You can throw the axe from the window next to the chest.
  • Raven 04 can be found chilling on the roots of a tree above the Veiled Passage boat dock. The sound it makes is so audible that you can hear it from the other dock earlier in the passage.
  • Raven 05 is first found chilling on a tree trunk over the river delta. You cannot destroy this one right away. You’ll need to clear the Veiled Passage first and make it to the cliff where the lore marker is. Your axe will be in range by then.
  • The sixth raven is first found flying circles high above the Goddes Falls basin. To get a clear shot at it, you’ll need to go up twice until you’re at the top of the falls. It is closest to you at the place you first go over the top.

The following ravens are the ones you can seek out after returning to Vanaheim to help Freya defend her home.

  • Raven 07 is inside the tree on top of the cave Kratos made after encountering the Einherjar barricade at the Eastern Barri Woods.
  • Raven 08 is tucked inside the trunk of a tree inside the Einjerhar war camp in the Eastern Barri Woods. You’ll have first sight of it after using the zipline. The Draupnir Spear proved effective in destroying it.

This set of ravens is accessible after completing the Scent of Survival Favor and doing the For Vanaheim Favor.

  • Raven 09 is sitting on a rock looking over at the edge of the Plains area of the Crater region. You should be able to see easily after you’ve started the In Plain Sight Favor.
  • Raven 10 is on a rock below the wall that also has the Celestial Altar at the Western point of the Plains.
  • Raven 11 is on a rock near the bottom of a ravine North of the Plains. This is the same cave where Kratos meets the spirit that gives him the Casualty of War: The Scroll Favor.
  • Raven 12 is across the canyon at the Eastern part of the Plains. You can see it easily from the dwarves’ workshop.
  • Raven 13 is found in a hole west of the arena where you fought The Crimson Dread at the very Northern part of the Plains.
  • Raven 14 is on the roof on top of a legendary chest in the same place where the ogres were throwing rocks from in the Jungle.
  • Raven 15 is on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Sinkholes river that near the exit gate. To get to it, you’ll first need to complete the “Return of the River” Favor. Be careful of the dragon that’ll try and snipe you from afar.
God of War Ragnarok Eyes of Odin Favor Walkthrough


Marking the ravens in Midgard is a little hard. The lake of the Nine is a large place where there are multiple points of interest to tackle in any order. Ordering the raven is kind of pointless.

  • This energetic raven is just chilling on a cliff behind the Oarsmen statues on the frozen lake of the nine. To get at it, you’ll need to go through the underground first and come up from the other side to have an angle. Just adjust your aim slightly higher to compensate for distance.
  • This raven is perched on the giant stone door Northeast of Tyr’s temple. It is opposite the entrance of a Kol encampment.
  • This raven is in a hidden ice sheet a little ways South of Tyr’s temple. Just keep going around the lake down South until you see a cave-like darkness in the direction of the temple.
  • This raven can be found perched inside some wreckage in the canyon on the way to the Derelict Outpost.
  • This raven is sitting on a crane within the Derelict Outpost. Really hard to miss.
  • This raven is chilling on top of the cliff North of the Shores of the Nine. Though you can see it from the bottom of the mountain, you can only get to it after progressing through the main quest to find the Norn.
God of War Ragnarok Eyes of Odin Favor Walkthrough


  • This realm’s first raven is just flying around the pit a few feet from the mystic gateway into the realm. Kratos also witnesses Garm’s spectacular entrance.
  • This raven is perched on top of some rubble above the lore marker after opening the gate as you are going back home after defeating Garm.
God of War Ragnarok Eyes of Odin Favor Walkthrough

The last two ravens only appear after progressing the story to the point where Ragnarok is avoidable.


  • This raven is chilling on top of rock with lava flowing around it. You can see it from the room where the legendary chest is. You won’t have access to the area until you have the key that opens the Burning Cliffs.
  • The last raven inside the structure overlooking Surtyr’s Forge. You won’t be able to see it until you have conversed with Surtyr and have agreed to your plans.

God of War Ragnarok Eyes of Odin Favor Rewards

You can claim the rewards once enough ravens have returned to the tree and a threshold has been cleared. There are 6 chests that you can open. Here are their rewards in order.

  • Girdle of Raven Tears
  • Bracer of Raven Tears
  • Cuirass of Raven Tears
  • Breath of Thamur Leviathan Axe Heavy Runic Attack
  • Meteoric Slam Chaos Blades Heavy Runic Attack
  • The Finger of Ruin Draupnir Spear Heavy Runic Attack

After opening all 6 chests, The Raven Keeper will challenge you to a fight in the arena.

There is nothing special about her other than a few voice lines and the ability summon Hel Walkers when her drops at certain points. She’s a powered up revenant by all measure.

What you should really watch out for is the Pale One. This dragon is summoned after you nearly defeat the Raven Keeper. It puts up a decent fight even against end-game equipment.

And your reward for beating defeating the Raven Keeper is:

  • Niflheim’s Justice Amulet Enchantment
  • Hild of Forsbrandr Relic

And that’s if for this lenghty guide. Good luck in your hunt if you’re still looking for the ravens.

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