How to Unlock Fast Travel Spots in Saints Row (2022)

Make traveling through Santo Ileso quicker by using these spots.

Saints Row Fast Travel guide

Fast Travel Spots are locations in Santo Ileso where players can travel to instantly in Saints Row. Though Santo Ileso is not as expansive, sometimes it can be quite an inconvenience to drive from one end to the other, which is why it’s vital that busy criminal bosses should take advantage of these Fast Travel landmarks to make the most of their time.

In this guide, we will be talking about Fast Travel Spots, how to unlock them, and where to find them.

Use the Camera app on your smartphone and then take a picture of the landmark

How to Unlock Fast Travel Spots

Unlocking Fast Travel Spots can be done by taking a picture of the landmark in the area using your smartphone. Simply bring up your smartphone and use the Camera app. Then, make sure that the landmark is within the shot’s middle frame.

There are red boundaries on the corner of the landmark that will turn green once it is within the right frame. Adjustments to the shot can be done by zooming in or out, and by moving backwards, forwards, or side to side. The Camera app will also tell if you are too far away from the landmark to make the shot.

Fast Travel Spot Locations

There are six Fast Travel Spots within Santo Ileso, plus the Church which is the Saints’ headquarters. The other four locations are depicted as a subway train marker on the Map app of your phone and on the mini map. All of these locations can be traveled to as soon as you get your smartphone, except for the Church which will be unlocked after completing the Take Me to Church mission.

Panther Rock Fast Travel

The Panther Rock Fast Travel Spot is a rock formation that can be found in the middle of West Providencia and is hard to miss. This is one of the spots to jump to for the eastern section of Santo Ileso.

El Dorado Fast Travel

The El Dorado Fast Travel Spot is the huge signboard located in the middle of El Dorado. This is the spot to jump to for the southern section of Santo Ileso.

Cactus Bill Fast Travel

The Cactus Bill Fast Travel Spot is one of the two giant cacti sculptures located in Lakeshore South. This is the spot to jump to for the western section of Santo Ileso.

Bear Lake Fast Travel

The Bear Lake Fast Travel Spot is a sculpture of a meditating bear with a rabbit that is located in Marina West. This is the spot to jump to for the northern section of Santo Ileso.

The Church Fast Travel

The Church serves as the Saints’ headquarters which also serves as a Fast Travel Spot. It is located at the Old Town Shoreline and it will be unlocked after completing the Take Me to Church mission.

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