Saints Row Error Code CE-107880-4 Fix

You may be getting the Saints Row Error Code CE-107880-4 as you try to open up the game. CE-107880-4 is an error code that many PS5 players are already familiar with as it prevents opening a game due to being asked to download add-ons. We understand that this issue is frustrating and we’re here to help you fix the Saints Row Error Code CE-107880-4.

How to Fix Saints Row Error Code CE-107880-4?

The best way to fix the Saints Row Error Code CE-107880-4 is by waiting for the region-wide access for all the DLC add-ons. This may be because different regions have different release schedules for the add-ons which are preventing players who received a copy of the game earlier from playing it.

There are a few things you can do to fix error code CE-107880-4 for Saints Row if the issue persists beyond a reasonable amount of time:

  • Clear Cache: Turn off your PS5 and turn it back on in Safe Mode. You’ll see the option to Rebuild Database which clears out the cache of your PS5. This has been known to fix unsuccessful loading of games.
  • Restart Your Console: Restart the PS5 and
  • Download From PSN Store Website: Check the PSN store to see if you can download the add-ons straight from online.
  • Download From PSN Store in Library: Check the Library from the PlayStation Store website for the add-on.
  • Restore Licenses: You can find this option in System > Users and Accounts > Other. You can restart your PS5 afterwards and play Saints Row.
  • Check Internet Connection: It may be possible that your internet is acting up and not allowing you to download the add-ons as intended.
  • Re-install Saints Row: If all else fails, then reinstalling Saints Row may be your last resort to get past the error code.

Error Code CE-107880-4 is an error that plagues PS5’s uniquely. This doesn’t seem to appear in its PS4 counterpart. If you still have your old generation PlayStation hardware, you can try playing Saints Row there.

Saints Row Reboot Cheats

That’s how to fix the Saints Row Error Code CE-107880-4. We hope you found this article to be informative and apologize that we can’t give anything more concrete. To make up for it, we have other Saints Row guides that you’ll find useful.

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