How to Get the Special Food Trucks in Saints Row (2022)

A guide on how to get the special food trucks in Saints Row.

Saints Row Food Trucks cover

There are special themed Food Trucks that can be obtained in Saints Row which have interesting designs based on the food that they’re selling. These food trucks can be seen parked up in a lot of locations in Santo Ileso, but there are particular food trucks that retain their name when obtained through a mission.

In this guide, we will be talking about the special food trucks and how to obtain them.

Unlocked food trucks will be sent directly to your garage

How to get the Special Food Trucks

To get the Special Food Trucks, you must complete all the tasks that require you to steal them under the Chalupacabra Criminal Venture missions. There are 5 food trucks to obtain in total which can be found in certain locations in Santo Ileso.

The Special Food Trucks are Munchbacks that have distinct themes and decals that carry the food brands that they sell. What makes these food trucks special is that they are listed as a distinct vehicle in the garage, in contrast to getting Munchbacks in free roam that carry the same theme.

Any food truck that are carjacked in free roam and taken into the garage will only be tagged as a Munchback. They are customizable, but there is no way to rename them with a different name. On the other hand, the special food trucks can still be customized and upgraded, but once they are obtained, they can no longer be removed from the garage.

All Special Food Trucks in Saints Row

Listed below are all the Special Food Trucks available in the game.

  • Chalupacabra
  • Chicken à la King
Chicken à la King
  • I Dream of Weenie
I Dream of Weenie
  • Six Shooter Samurai
Six Shooter Samurai
  • Twisty Creamy
Twisty Creamy

How to complete the Chalupacabra Criminal Venture

The Chalupacabra Criminal Venture can be completed by stealing all the food trucks of Chalupacabra’s competitors in Santo Ileso. The locations of these food trucks will be marked on the map.

These food trucks cannot just be stolen right away since you will have to talk to one of your Chalupacabra employees that has been scouting the competitor food truck on site. Once you have talked to them, you will have to eliminate the people that will be guarding the food truck, plus the reinforcements that will arrive on the scene.

After eliminating the first few waves of enemies, you will then have to drive the food truck back to the Chalupacabra branchin one piece. More enemies will be chasing you down through the streets to try and stop you. The food truck only has a limited amount of health, and once it’s down, you will fail the mission. Sideswiping enemy cars is effective at keeping them in control as you cannot outrun them.

Once you arrive at Chalupacabra, you will then have to face the final wave of enemies. the most effective place to deal with them is by taking cover at the back part of the resto as the enemies do not go past the parking lot most of the time. You can snipe them from that distance and you will only have to go into the parking lot in case you need more ammo. Once they are all dealt with, you’ll complete the task.

You will then have to do this several more times until all competitors have been dealt with. Afterwards, talk to your Chalupacabra employee to complete the entire venture.

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