How to Add Vehicles to the Garage in Saints Row (2022)

Grow your collection of vehicles.

Saints Row Vehicle Garage guide

Vehicles are essential for traveling around in Santo Ileso, may it be through land, air, or by water, and keeping a garage stocked up with them is important. Another purpose that vehicles serve is they are a way to show the empire’s status and privilege amongst all the criminal gangs and factions in the region. What better way to flex on your rivals than by showing how expansive your collection is?

In this guide, we will be talking about how to add vehicles to your collection in Saints Row.

The Church’s Garage

How to Add Vehicles to the Garage

The main way to add vehicles to your collection is by bringing them over to your headquarters’ garage at The Church. They have to be driven into the garage manually until you see the scene transition into the garage menu. Once you unlock Jim Rob’s Garage, the place can also be used to stash the cars that you get.

As for aerial and water vehicles, the method remains the same. Aerial vehicles, like the helicopters, can be landed on the helipad at The Church, right next to the garage, while boats and jetskis can be driven inside the boat dock. Be aware that there are some vehicles that can be too big to be registered inside the garage.

The MDI-707B can be unlocked through a mission

Some vehicles can be unlocked immediately by completing a mission without the need to bring them over to the garage. One example is the MDI-707B hoverbike which can be unlocked by completing the Corporate Retreat mission.

Summoning Vehicles

Vehicles can be summoned by interacting with the garage, selecting the vehicle, and then choosing the option Drive Now. This can also be done in Jim Rob’s Garage.

Once you have completed the Aggressive Recruiting mission, you will have new recruits into the Saints which you can then call to deliver your favorite vehicle. This can be done by bringing up your smartphone, opening the Contacts app, and then choosing the Vehicle Delivery option. This is useful when your favorite vehicle is already souped up with upgrades and you’re too far away from a garage to get it.

Set your favorite ride inside the garage

How to set a vehicle as a favorite

In the garage, select the vehicle that you like and then choose the Set as Favorite option. Not only will it put the vehicle on the top of the list, but it will also be the vehicle that will be brought by your lackeys via the Vehicle Delivery option.

Garage Limit

The Garage has a limit of 50 cars, this includes duplicates of the same cars (ones that are appended by numbers). This limit includes the vehicles in the helipad or in the boat dock into the count.

Special Dustmoot Bowelrod

Deleting Vehicles

To make space inside the garage, vehicles can be deleted by selecting the vehicle and choosing the Delete option. Take note that not all vehicles can be deleted from the garage once they are added in, and these vehicles are usually the ones obtained from missions.

Examples of permanent vehicles are the Ridgelord trucks as they are one of the first trucks that the Saints used, the food trucks stolen via the Chalupacabra venture missions, and the special Bowelrod obtained from The Rod Warrior mission.

You can bring one of your friends along and they will automatically man any turret on a vehicle that has one

Carjacking Notes

Vehicles that are carjacked while in free roam can be taken into the garage to add to the collection. An exception to this are the vehicles carjacked while on a mission as they can be driven to the garage, but they will not be registered into the collection. A notable bunch of these vehicles are the ones that you are tasked to steal when completing the Jim Rob’s Garage venture missions.

Another note to be aware of is when parking a car into the garage, make sure that you are not in combat. If you are, diffuse the situation by eliminating all the hostiles, or by shaking them off your trail to clear your notoriety.

Carjacked vehicles will despawn when fast traveling to another area. Owned vehicles will also despawn when fast traveling.

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